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Bob­bie is a boy dog. He is a five-year-old half Cairn Ter­rier, half Jack Rus­sell, a city and coun­try dog. He was born in Matakana. Bob­bie has a busy week, ev­ery week.

Mon­day: this is a city day. Bob­bie is with Mag­gie, a pre­sen­ta­tion trainer who is train­ing Bob­bie (de­spite his up­bring­ing) to be con­fi­dent and walk into ‘ev­ery’ restau­rant and shop in Pon­sonby Road. Auck­land has be­come very cool.

He also hangs out with Ed­die, Father Rory and the priests and nuns at the Catholic Church in Ver­mont Street, Pon­sonby. Bob­bie loves to do a wheelie down the cen­tre of the church oc­ca­sion­ally fright­en­ing a wor­ship­per. Bob­bie is think­ing about be­com­ing a Catholic. Auck­land can be a very spir­i­tual place.

Tues­day: Bob­bie is at Barkley Manor, a dog play cen­tre, where he is loved; where they re­mem­ber his name but not my name.

Wed­nes­day: Bob­bie is with one of my best friends, Giles, my ex-part­ner (from 16 years ago) and father of my youngest daugh­ter. Bob­bie and my ex-part­ner have ob­vi­ously never lived to­gether. My friend in­spires Bob­bie to con­sider 14 km runs from Herne Bay to Maun­gawhau (Mount Eden) and back. Bob­bie is a be­liever in pos­si­bil­ity. Some­times Bob­bie hangs out with the next-door neigh­bours, Mary and Greg, who with Gus and Dolly (a ter­rier and a spaniel) try to teach him Ital­ian. Auck­land is a di­verse city full of ad­ven­ture. Thurs­day: back to Barkley. Fri­day: Bob­bie goes to stay with a friend of the ex-part­ner (from 16 years ago), Kirsten (who is also my friend) who has two chil­dren, at Amica, a hair­dress­ing sa­lon in Grey Lynn. He loves Jack and Anja. Some­times he has a hairdo in the sa­lon and ap­par­ently is al­lowed on the bed. No com­ment.

Satur­day: Bob­bie comes home to Basil the cat (my daugh­ter named him when she was nine) to the wild, wild west and chases balls across the lake, into the bush, forg­ing streams, fright­en­ing the ducks, kereru and the oc­ca­sional tani­wha, and a weekly beach walk. We live in a na­tional park. Auck­land, an amaz­ing city with 56 volcanic cones, three har­bours; a city in a park, full of abun­dance. So what do we learn from Bob­bie?

• Bob­bie, like Auck­land, is grow­ing and is full of pos­si­bil­ity.

• Bob­bie is blessed to live in this city.

• Bob­bie has a rich com­mu­nity across this great city of ours.

• Bob­bie lives in the mo­ment and trusts the uni­verse.

• Bob­bie has friends who un­con­di­tion­ally love him.

• Bob­bie loves all his friends un­con­di­tion­ally.

• Bob­bie keeps us all to­gether; he re­minds us daily what love and bless­ings look like.

• Bob­bie, like Auck­land, is full of pos­si­bil­ity and is de­sired by many.

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