Where will the next change come from?


New Zealand Marketing - - The Change Issue -

One of the more in­ter­est­ing trends of late is the amount of paid en­dorser mar­ket­ing on so­cial. The days of big brand busi­nesses re­ly­ing on sell­ing their wares through big bud­get charm­ing brand ad­ver­tis­ing con­tin­ues to dwin­dle. Prob­a­bly be­cause con­sumers are be­com­ing more so­phis­ti­cated, harder to reach and cyn­i­cal. No longer are we so eas­ily wowed with Hol­ly­wood-es­que TVC pro­duc­tion val­ues that at­tempt to sell us a prod­uct – re­gard­less of its qual­ity or util­ity. In­creas­ingly, it’s celebs push­ing prod­uct via Face­book, Twit­ter and In­sta­gram, and Youtu­bers be­ing paid to pro­mote.

Tra­di­tional big pro­duc­tion and me­dia bud­gets can still move prod­uct, but reach­ing peo­ple via paid so­cial seems the lat­est hot-ticket. As mar­keters, we know house­hold names like Dan Carter and Chelsea Win­ter are in­creas­ingly be­ing used to sell stuff. But it’s not much of a punt to bet that most peo­ple would be sur­prised to hear how preva­lent it is.

It’s easy for a con­sumer to un­der­stand old-school ad­ver­tis­ing and even advertorial, but the some­times far sub­tler paid-for ad­ver­tis­ing through men­tions and hat-tips on celebrity so­cial chan­nels can be harder to spot.

At what point do con­sumers iden­tify that their day-to-day so­cial en­gage­ment with their fave celeb may not be such a can­did bird’s eye view into the life of their favourite muso or co­me­dian, but is ac­tu­ally a care­fully man­i­cured so­cial pres­ence that is fi­nanced with in­creas­ingly sig­nif­i­cant ad­ver­tis­ing dol­lars?

Does Dai Hen­wood just re­ally dig his new Bark­ers suit that much (no of­fense, bro)? Will there be a con­sumer back­lash when peo­ple twig? Maybe pun­ters don’t care ei­ther way. Time will tell.

Ob­vi­ously th­ese per­sonal brands need to be care­ful about the brands they as­so­ciate with, and be aware that ul­ti­mately their fans may not like it. I can’t imag­ine Mike Hosk­ing risk­ing tweet­ing about do­nat­ing to Green­peace. Or even do­nat­ing to Green­peace. Or the Greens. But, what­ever. Hey, Richie, keen for some free broad­band?

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