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From the out­set, the suc­cess of KPEX would largely de­pend on the will­ing­ness of me­dia buy­ers to plug into the ex­change and buy the in­ven­tory on be­half of their clients. And it didn’t take long for that to hap­pen. Only a short few months af­ter KPEX in­ven­tory be­came avail­able, many ma­jor me­dia strate­gists plugged in and started bid­ding. Here’s what a few think of the of­fer­ing so far.


What are your thoughts on KPEX? We are see­ing a larger and larger share of the dig­i­tal ad­ver­tis­ing spend go­ing off­shore to the in­ter­na­tional gi­ants of dig­i­tal. We are ex­cited to see th­ese four New Zealand-owned com­pa­nies work­ing to­gether to try and com­bat this. Ogilvy is fully sup­port­ive of KPEX and we hope to see them per­form well and be­come a ma­jor en­tity in the com­ing months and years. The most im­por­tant thing is re­sults against our client KPIS and the amount of money that we in­vest in KPEX will be al­ways be based on per­for­mance.

What are the ben­e­fits of KPEX? It is fan­tas­tic that we can buy dig­i­tal in­ven­tory off the four pre­mium New Zealand sites pro­gram­mat­i­cally. We also have the abil­ity to over­lay data from mul­ti­ple sources to make th­ese buys work harder than if we were sim­ply buy­ing the four sites in­di­vid­u­ally. Ad­di­tion­ally, as our op­ti­mi­sa­tion (both at our end and KPEX) is across the net­work our re­sults should be very strong and we ex­pect to see it com­pare favourably to the myr­iad other per­for­mance­based of­fer­ings we have at our dis­posal.

Are there any ar­eas where KPEX could im­prove? We are look­ing for­ward to KPEX ex­pand­ing their short-form video of­fer­ing in the next few months. We would also re­ally like to see KPEX work­ing with the four me­dia own­ers to even­tu­ally add long form video ad­ver­tis­ing too.


What has it been like pur­chas­ing through KPEX thus far? We ag­gre­gate KPEX in­ven­tory through our DSP, so we don’t re­ally iden­tify KPEX sep­a­rately. We’ve treated it as an­other in­ven­tory source, rather than tar­get­ing it di­rectly and in iso­la­tion or at the ex­pense of other ex­changes. Some of the deals are tak­ing time to gain in­ven­tory and de­liver, but it’s been rel­a­tively straight­for­ward to date. We just add the deals that we want to ac­cess the auc­tions for.

What are some of the ad­van­tages of pur­chas­ing KPEX in­ven­tory? I don’t re­ally see KPEX sep­a­rately. How­ever, any in­ven­tory source that’s more likely to res­onate with our client first-party data au­di­ences is valu­able as it’s th­ese au­di­ences we’re look­ing to reach. KPEX does a good job of this given it’s New Zealand in­ven­tory at scale.

There is a per­cep­tion that KPEX in­ven­tory is more ex­pen­sive. Is this true? We don’t look at the price you pay for the in­ven­tory. It’s the ef­fec­tive cost per met­ric that it re­turns. To date some of the KPEX deals have been very cost ef­fi­cient for clients, and oth­ers not so much. I wouldn’t make a blan­ket state­ment as it varies so much by client and cre­ative.


Do you think this is an im­por­tant move? Yes. Hav­ing a mar­ket place that gives brands ac­cess to great Kiwi con­tent that is un­der .co. nz URLS makes for highly rel­e­vant tar­get au­di­ences. New Zealand brands want to en­gage with lo­cal au­di­ences so hav­ing ac­cess to some of the big­gest pub­lish­ers in New Zealand and their con­tent in one mar­ket place is of great rel­e­vance.

Does KPEX have enough scale? KPEX is still in its in­fancy so as more pub­lish­ers choose to join, the greater the of­fer­ing and ap­peal to brands be­comes.

What are some of the dis­ad­van­tages of KPEX? The main dis­ad­van­tage cur­rently is not be­ing able to se­lect specif­i­cally which of the me­dia own­ers your ads will ap­pear on. For ex­am­ple brand X may specif­i­cally only want to be on news site Y not on Z but in re­al­ity will also be across site Z. This be­comes a moot point though as brands are look­ing to buy the au­di­ence and not the spe­cific site.


What is your ini­tial im­pres­sion of KPEX? It has been great, with re­sults ex­ceed­ing our ex­pec­ta­tions, even though we’re not able to tar­get the in­ven­tory we buy on a pub­lisher-per­pub­lisher ba­sis. At present, we have a to­tal of 41 pack­ages or tar­get­ing op­tions avail­able, util­is­ing both dis­play and video. CTRS and viewa­bil­ity rates for our cam­paigns have been above what we have seen via other pre­mium ex­changes.

Is it com­pli­cated to buy KPEX in­ven­tory? Let’s say that it is not com­pli­cated for a spe­cial­ist trader. At present, you can­not buy in­ven­tory on KPEX if you do not have ac­cess to a trad­ing desk. Since Acquireonline started buy­ing in­ven­tory the sup­port from KPEX and Ru­bi­con has been fan­tas­tic.

What do you think KPEX means for the fu­ture of the pro­gram­matic in­dus­try in New Zealand? Since the launch of our Trad­ing Desk in 2012, we have seen a steady rise year on year with the num­ber of ad­ver­tis­ers run­ning pro­gram­matic cam­paigns. How­ever, many agen­cies and ad­ver­tis­ers are yet to use pro­gram­matic and I be­lieve that the KPEX ini­tia­tive is help­ing to get them on-board ... KPEX is lead­ing the way as a pre­mium lo­cal mar­ket­place and we’ll see more pub­lish­ers join­ing in the next few months.

For an ad­di­tional per­spec­tive from a me­dia buyer, see the col­umn on page 74 by PHDIQ’S Christophe Spencer.

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