Bobby Hansen

New Zealand Surfing - - Trigger Finger - SEQ: CORY

Most surfers can re­mem­ber their first green wave, their first bar­rel or their worst wipe­out. But Bobby Hansen has got the unique abil­ity to re­mem­ber ev­ery wave he rides, and in a freak­ish way he can go back years in his recall. This par­tic­u­lar day while day dream­ing I missed his sec­ond air which he claimed was his best, when I tried to fool him say­ing this was it, he knew damn well it wasn’t, con­sid­er­ing they were ba­si­cally iden­ti­cal, how did he know? Ap­par­ently in the sec­ond air there was a piece of sea­weed in the wave face, now that’s at­ten­tion to de­tail dur­ing a mo­ment where most

would be think­ing of how the hell did I get here and how am I gonna get down!

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