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The worst place you’ve surfed? Usu­ally when I surf Tay Street, I say this is the worst wave I have ever surfed.

The worst wipe out you’ve had? Prob­a­bly in Bali at Bin­gin when some kook de­cided he would throw his board out in front of me when I was tak­ing off, ended up ditch­ing and land­ing straight on the reef which was pretty much dry.

The worst placet olive? Some­where in­land that has no peo­ple around.

The worst prank you’ve pulled? Down trou’d Trav in a lec­ture room (I man­aged to bring the jock­eys down to), the lec­turer was so hor­ri­fied.

The Worst In­jury You’ve Had? Skat­ing, I broke my leg in two places. It was just be­fore the sum­mer hol­i­days, was out for three months, most hor­ri­ble thing ever!

The worst ex­pe­ri­ence you had at school? One time when I won an award I had to go up on stage to re­ceive it and I tripped in front of the whole school.

The Worst Fib You’ve Told Your Teacher? Telling my lec­tur­ers that I wasn’t com­ing to class be­cause I would be shoot­ing for a surf mag­a­zine or some­thing im­por­tant, when re­ally I was just wag­ging and surf­ing.

The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Done? I cant tell you…

The Worst Pick Up Line You’ve Used? Baby, you

must feet. (haven’t be a broom, ac­tu­ally cause used you this, just but swept this has me to off be my the corni­est pick up line ever)

The Worst Food You’ve Eaten? An­chovies.

The Worst Way To Blow A Mil­lion Bucks? Drugs.

The Worst Thing Your Mum Could Ever Find In Your Room? Me do­ing some­thing she shouldn’t see.

The Worst Job You’ve Ever Had To Do? Work­ing for New World on check­out. Aw­ful!

The Worst Present You Have Re­ceived? A cup at Christ­mas from my grand­par­ents, all the grand­kids re­ceived the same gifts and were so gut­ted, af­ter that we started get­ting money.

The Worst Car To Be Seen Driv­ing In? A Fiat Uno Usa­dos (Travis McCoys old car haha)

The Worst Place You’ve Slept? On a stretcher that was about a quar­ter of a me­ter wide, was do­ing a surf trip at the time and put my back out and could barely surf for the rest of the trip.

The Worst Fash­ion Mis­take You Can Make? 3/4 pants and biking sun­glasses e.g. wrap around stream­line sun­nies of­ten re­ferred to as Arm­strongs.

The Worst Drop In You’ve Ever Done? Dropped in on a guy at Indies (didn’t see him) and then he ba­si­cally told me to go in, that’s putting it in a po­lite way.

The Worst Thing About Work? Miss­ing good waves and be­ing in­formed with text up­dates how pump­ing it is.

The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen? When I was an in­no­cent 10 year old and I saw the hor­ror movie Hal­loween and I was tainted for life. Had night­mares for months af­ter that.

The Worst Per­son To Travel With? Kelly Peake, you ar­range a trip with the guy and turn up to find him still half drunk and so un­mo­ti­vated you al­most have to drag him to the car your­self. Pro­vides for some laughs though haha.

The Worst Dream You’ve Had? I was in an el­e­va­tor with all these peo­ple in a real high build­ing and then we just started drop­ping. I woke up when we hit the ground. The Worst Neigh­bours Youve Had Live Next Door? No real bad neigh­bours, but Rhythm and Vines was pretty hor­ren­dous we had these guys that lit­er­ally drunk 24/7 and were just spew­ing ev­ery­where.

The Wors tNight Out? Try­ing to be cool and open a bot­tle with an­other bot­tle, slipped and split my fin­ger open. Ended up hav­ing to sleep in some­one’s bed be­cause I was to faint to stand up.

The Worst Ad­vice You’ve Been Given? Do three turns to the beach and you will make the heat… Wrong.


This was one of those days when Alex was ac­tu­ally telling his lec­turer the truth and do­ing some­thing im­por­tant, like try­ing to sink a poor mans boat by fill­ing it with rooster tails. The kids a lar­rikin .

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