This is­sues gash gore is our very first fea­tured which did not come about from one ac­ci­dent or in­ci­dent in it­self, yet it is one that all surfers need to be wary of.

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Here we have Jeff King who sent in his gash ac­quired from surgery to re­move what is com­monly known as ‘Surfers Ear’. Hav­ing spent the last 20 years surf­ing roughly three times a week, this is the sec­ond op­er­a­tion Jeff has had to re­move the bone growths which oc­cur inside the ear canal. With around eight weeks out of the wa­ter each op­er­a­tion, Jeff shares with us these im­ages in hope that you will learn from his ex­pe­ri­ences and that all surfers out there will take the nec­es­sary pre­cau­tions to stop this from hap­pen­ing to you.

1// Shows my left ear cut back to ex­pose the “ex­toses”, the bones that the skull grows to close off the ear canal. This con­di­tion is due to the cold wa­ters in NZ, cold wind, and the con­stant flush­ing of the ear canal, which com­bined to­gether causes our bod­ies to re­act by grow­ing bone to close the ear canal off to stop the ear drum and skull get­ting cold. Crazy huh!

2// Shows the sur­geon drilling the bones out us­ing Swiss pre­ci­sion drills ap­par­ently... Each ear op takes about two hours un­der full anaes­thetic.

3// Shows the re­stored ear canal be­ing bored out so as to pre­vent the “ex­toses” grow­ing back for as long as pos­si­ble. The skin is folded at the bot­tom of my ear canal.

4// Shows the skin pasted back onto the sides of the ear canal, the shiny disc at the bot­tom is my ear drum. Keep­ing your hear­ing is worth the 6-8 weeks time out of the wa­ter I reckon! In­fec­tions and in­flam­ma­tion of the in­ner ear are a sure sign that it’s time to get ‘em drilled. Think you’ve got the goods for the next is­sue and want a shot at the Skull Candy head­phones. Show us your wor­thy gash and we’ll be the judge. Send clear hi-res jpegs to cory@nz­surf­, put Skull­candy-gash­gore in the sub­ject field...

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