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Name: Elin Tawharu Age: 12 From: Mount Maun­ganui Oc­cu­pa­tion: Stu­dent How long you been surf­ing and what does it mean to you? I've been surf­ing since I was about nine, so like three years. To me it means just hav­ing fun surf­ing with friends, keep­ing fit , just for­get­ting about prob­lems and stuff and just en­joy­ing the waves. It means ev­ery­thing, I just love the feel­ing of it.

Where did you first surf and what on? started surf­ing on my

dads seven footer at X-roads.

Achieve­ments in the surf and in life: NZ Women's U12 win­ner 2011/2012 1st over­all in the Bil­l­abong Grom Se­ries 2012 U12. 1st Back­door Grom­bash U14 2013. 3rd in the U16's Mount Bil­l­abong Grom Se­ries 2013. 6th Western Bay Cross Coun­try. 2nd 100m sprints BOP Ath­letic Champs.

In­ter­ests: Surf­ing of course, hang­ing out with friends, bas­ket­ball,

ath­let­ics, run­ning, mu­sic, skat­ing.

Your idea of good time? Just hang­ing with my friends at the beach, with pump­ing surf in the hot sum­mer!

Goals: Rep­re­sent NZ for surf­ing some­day. Try my best , and give ev­ery­thing a go. Win lots of comps!!

Fave food: Pizzza­aaaa Ad­vice for bud­ding girl surfers , want­ing to give surf­ing a try? It's su­per fun! It's a good way to keep fit too. I rec­om­mend start­ing on a big­ger board like a mini mal, as I did, it was a good board to learn the basics on. Don't give up! Pre­tend you just won an acad­emy award, who do you have to throw down a shout out to for get­ting to where you are in

life right now? I would like to thank dad and Jo, mum and Paul. A spe­cial thanks to my big brother Jonas for con­stantly crit­i­ciz­ing my surf­ing ;) It has made me a bet­ter surfer. Also thanks to Marty Matenga, Khan But­ler, Matty Scor­ringe, the Mount girls for al­ways push­ing me, all the Mount crew! And ev­ery­one who has sup­ported me in any way to help me get here!!

Elin's idea of a good time is hang­ing out at the beach in sum­mer, so a mid win­ters trip to Bali was noth­ing short of the per­fect school hol­i­day. Photo: Cory.

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