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In the early 80's a cheeky lit­tle grom­met ap­peared in one of the big­gest surf­ing movies of all time star­ring along­side his hero and two times World Cham­pion Tom Car­roll, his name was Danny Wills and his quote from the movie, "grom­mets are the fu­ture, the fu­ture of surf­ing," be­came the catch phrase for all pubescent cheeky groms world­wide. Some­where along the line grom bash­ing was re­placed with of­fer­ing them blank cheques to scrib­ble their mil­lion dol­lar con­tracts on, and be­fore long they had taken surf­ing to heights that had be­fore seemed im­pos­si­ble. Th­ese days along with big spon­sor­ship dollars and spend­ing more time above the wave than on it, the groms have the world at their feet and have turned surf­ing into a full blown pro­fes­sional sport where spe­cific train­ing, nu­tri­tion and psy­chol­ogy are nec­es­sary tools to find that added edge to gain suc­cess. The New Zealand win­ter can be harsh and un­for­giv­ing for surf train­ing, so what do you do? You pack ya bags and take sev­eral can­di­dates of the fu­ture of NZ Surf­ing to the most con­sis­tent waves on the planet, In­done­sia! The big­gest is­sue with work­ing on surf tech­nique is the for­ever chang­ing plat­form we per­form on, the waves! So by bas­ing our­selves at Bali's Canggu, it of­fered up sev­eral dif­fer­ent types of waves which con­tin­u­ally peeled through with ex­act form wave af­ter wave. Then The Art Of Surf­ings coach Matt Scor­ringe could be­gin to work on the tech­niques and form of our next crop of surfers, af­ter all, the fu­ture of our sport here in NZ is 'In Th­ese Hands'. Jules Craft is one of those that will lead our surf­ing into the fu­ture, but for now he will lead you through his word­smith on his take on the Ba­li­nese train­ing camp.

I’m go­ing to be hon­est the last few weeks since Bali have been a wee bit detri­men­tal to my mem­ory, you see, at univer­sity when some­one leaves for a week or two, we don’t play “bro you missed out” we play “bro you missed out… you bet­ter catch up.” It doesn’t help that my Bali es­cape oc­curred dur­ing Reo-week the sec­ond loos­est week of the year, and as a re­sult I’m cur­rently swim­ming up­stream through a murky creek to­wards the place in my mind where mem­o­ries are kept. Not to worry dear reader I’m sure I can still daz­zle you with my wit, in­tel­lect, and love­able- rouge like charm. With any good roller coaster the rider re­mem­bers it for the stom­ach drops and screams, the parts that blew your eyes and mind wide open. The rider does not how­ever re­mem­ber the se­quen­tial or­der of the twists and turns. I view my trip to Bali much like the rad­dest roller coaster at the AMP show (which is def­i­nitely the dragon wagon). When I re­count the trip I want to show the reader the high­lights, the

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