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What made you want to be­come a surf­board shaper? I al­ways loved to try and make things and fix stuff. It was only nat­u­ral for me to want to fix my own board and then try mak­ing one. Long story short - af­ter mak­ing one in my high school years I was hooked and knew that it was all I wanted to do.

Best thing about be­ing a shaper? I en­joy be­ing my own boss - I get to surf and see my fam­ily more than most peo­ple so I’m grate­ful and blessed for that. I also love to cre­ate and en­joy deal­ing with peo­ple.

Worst thing about be­ing a shaper? Dust. There’s not re­ally that much but it gets every­where, even in my socks some­how. Surf­board com­pa­nies are start­ing to in­clude board vol­ume on their di­men­sions, do you think it’s a good mea­sure­ment to base your board choice on and how do you de­cide what vol­ume board fits you? Vol­ume is im­por­tant be­cause you could have 10 surf­boards with the same di­men­sions but they can all be so dif­fer­ent in float and foam dis­tri­bu­tion.

We have a vol­ume guide on our web­site to help ev­ery­one with it. What are the key things a surfer should look at when look­ing for a new board? Talk­ing with a shaper. Look at the boards you al­ready ride and think about what you are lack­ing and what you want more or less of e.g. more pad­dle, more speed or more con­trol etc. With pretty much ev­ery shaper us­ing a com­puter to shape their boards do you think shapers will ever be­come ir­rel­e­vant in the fu

ture? Never, be­cause a com­puter is re­ally just a new shap­ing tool/de­sign tool for a shaper. It takes years and years of hard work and skill de­vel­op­ment to learn how to make (de­sign) a surf­board work well and look good. I think it is very im­por­tant to know how to hand shape surf­boards be­fore us­ing the de­sign soft­ware. What board should ev­ery surfer have in their quiver? THE FREESURF Who’s the fu­ture of NZ surf­ing? Sean Ket­tle

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