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What made you want to be­come a surf­board shaper? I love play­ing around with dif­fer­ent ideas and the de­sign process has al­ways in­ter­ested me.

Best thing about be­ing a shaper? Mak­ing your friends a board they are stoked on and al­ways rid­ing new boards.

Who in­spires your shap­ing? Top pros push­ing the per­for­mance level, and peo­ple try­ing new things, get me in­spired. Tom Cur­ren rode a fish back when ev­ery­one was on thin, rel­a­tively long, highly rock­ered boards, and now you can see ele­ments of the fish in a ma­jor­ity of mod­ern short­boards. I wouldn’t be sur­prised if what Derek Hynd is do­ing now with his fin­less boards fil­ters down in the fu­ture.

What are you fo­cus­ing on this year as a shaper? What’s ex­cit­ing me at the mo­ment is tweak­ing the board area and vol­ume dis­tri­bu­tion to get dif­fer­ent flex and hold char­ac­ter­is­tics.

With pretty much ev­ery shaper us­ing a com­puter to shape their boards do

you think shapers will ever be­come ir­rel­e­vant in the fu­ture? It’s all about the de­sign in my opin­ion, the com­puter is just a tool, whether you hand shape a board or a ma­chine shapes it is ir­rel­e­vant.

What board should ev­ery surfer have in their quiver? In New Zealand a short, wide, low rock­ered board for sure to make those small fat days fun. Ev­ery­one seems to have one though, how about a stan­dard short­board? Or a gun? they seem like en­dan­gered species th­ese days. Don’t for­get about them, they have their mer­its.

Who’s the fu­ture of NZ surf­ing? I’m para­phras­ing Danny Wills here - grom­mets are the fu­ture, I’ll go with that. Go the groms!!

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