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Pro­fil­ing the hard work­ing men and women of the surf in­dus­try to un­cover the life­style of the job.

Name: Jamie Mahia An­drews

Nick­name: Chip Age: 35 yrs young

Job de­scrip­tion: Man­ager at Beach­street Surf Shop Fitzroy, New Ply­mouth. How Many years have you worked in the surf in­dus­try and who for? The last 10 years I’ve been work­ing for Arch and Daisy at Beach­street Surf Shop. I started as shop as­sis­tant/surf coach and now I am the man­ager. In my teens (12-18 years) I worked part time at Sea­sons Surf­boards do­ing the dishes and sweep­ing the floor of Dada’s shap­ing bay. Work­ing up the lad­der to sand­ing boards and gen­eral dings un­der the guid­ance of leg­end glasser Glen ‘card’ Ja­cobs. Grow­ing up in Taranaki why did you fol­low the path into the surf in­dus­try as op­posed to the higher paid jobs in oil/gas and farm­ing which are avail­able lo­cally? I grew up on Grand­dad’s farm think­ing I would take it over one day, long story short, Grand­dad sold the farm and Mum brought me a surf­board. I knew from when I was an 11 year old grom­met that I wanted to be a part of the surf­ing in­dus­try in one form or another. I had tried a few dif­fer­ent jobs, engineering, su­per­mar­ket, drain dig­ging...... never tried the oil/gas in­dus­try, it didn’t re­ally ap­peal to me, al­though the money sounds good. The con­cept of surf shops has changed a lot over the years, hard­core shops where the lo­cal grom pop­u­la­tion hung out have been re­placed by mall stores where the staff don’t ac­tu­ally know a thing about surf­ing. Do your cus­tomers ap­pre­ci­ate your knowl­edge for prod­uct and

also lo­cal surf­ing con­di­tions? We fre­quently have cus­tomers come back and say they ap­pre­ci­ate our ser­vice and ad­vice we give them. It’s a shame a lot of the core surf shops have gone or moved to the mall and evolved to cater for high fash­ion (non Surfers). I have no­ticed they don’t or have stopped sup­port­ing the lo­cal surf­ing com­mu­nity that got them to where they are to­day! Surf stores with staff that know noth­ing about surf­ing are sur­viv­ing by rid­ing on the back of the core surf brands that they stock. I feel it weak­ens those core surf brands beach credit....God save us, as online based surf stores are killing ‘Core’ surf shops all over the world. Back in the day, it wasn’t un­com­mon to pull up to your lo­cal surf shop and find a sign say­ing, CLOSED: Gone surf­ing, back later. Does Beach Street Surf Shop have a sign like this? And how of­ten does it get used? Yes we have a sign like that, doesn’t get used much. On the odd day when it’s pump­ing (over­head bar­rels) Arch will hold the fort while I go surf for an hour or so. Leg­end ay! Your shop not only serves lo­cal and vis­it­ing surfers but has also been at the fore­front of en­vi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion lo­cally, ex­plain this. The Boss has al­ways been into en­vi­ron­men­tal pro­tec­tion since way back, es­pe­cially when it’s to do with the ocean (our play­ing field and food re­source).

In 2000’ish Arch had heard talk of sand min­ing the ocean floor off the West Coast of NZ. He was not happy about this, so he came up with the Black­sand brand with hope to bring aware­ness of sand min­ing to peo­ple’s at­ten­tion. Beach Street is lo­cated within hear­ing dis­tance of pound­ing waves, when the surf is crack­ing and you can hear the sound of fun­nel­ing bar­rels and you look out the door see­ing car loads of boards driv­ing past and surfers pulling in with their hair still wet and big smiles, how do you han­dle that? Gen­er­ally I’m stoked for them! Most days I get to surf an hour be­fore I open up the shop. When it’s re­ally re­ally good and I haven’t been out, that’s when it cuts deep! Haha. Do you get to travel out of town with your job and does that al­low for

any surf time? Yeah some times. Most re­cently I went to Fiji to help run an an­nual me­mo­rial surf comp and ex­pres­sion ses­sion we spon­sor there, held on the black sand beach of Si­ga­toka ev­ery Au­gust.

Best surf you’ve scored on the job? Noth­ing I like more than the surf in Fiji, but I would have to say the 2013 Rip Curl Pro in Raglan was all time! Great waves, great crew, great event. Thanks Rip Curl for the hook up! If your boss rang you and said “take two weeks off and go any­where you like on us” where would that be and who would you take? Hmm, so many places and so many peo­ple? I wouldn’t mind tak­ing two weeks off to surf the Surf-High­way 45 Coast Taranaki (best place on the planet) as I don’t get to surf down there much th­ese days. I could take some­one dif­fer­ent ev­ery day! Surf­ing is lucky to have an In­dus­try that supports it’s ath­letes. Most play­ers in the surf in­dus­try put some­thing back into the sport, which not many busi­nesses in­volved with other sports seem to be do­ing. Beach Street supports lo­cal surfers and events and is in­volved in the com­mu­nity. How do you see this? We spon­sor a few surfers and events. We try to sup­port ev­ery think to do with surf­ing that hap­pens in our com­mu­nity; comps/clubs/surf life­sav­ing. Work­ing in the surf in­dus­try has al­ways been looked at as a life­style job, does this thought still fit or has the big money been fill­ing your pocket? It’s to­tally a life­style job. It’s pos­si­ble to make money but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. If Hugh Hefner called you and of­fered you one of his life­style jobs... Would you think twice or is surf­ing more im­por­tant than per­fect women? “Surf­ing is way more im­por­tant”. Per­fect women? You can get close but “no­body’s per­fect”.

Fu­ture thoughts of your in­volve­ment in surf­ing? I’m plan­ning to take over the shop in the near fu­ture as Arch gets closer to re­tir­ing. I look for­ward to ap­ply­ing all things I’ve learnt from Arch and con­tinue to sup­port all things surf in our com­mu­nity.

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