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Be­ing a grom­met with tal­ent also comes with dreams and as­pi­ra­tions to be the best you can be. Ask any top per­form­ing grom­met out there and they will all tell you, they want to qual­ify for the World Tour and win the World Ti­tle. Yet there comes a time in ev­ery­one's life where you stand at the cross­roads where your next de­ci­sion can lay the path­ways for the rest of your life. Some­times those dreams have to be sac­ri­ficed, while the re­al­ity of life beck­ons. Af­ter all there are only so many World Cham­pi­ons and only a very se­lect few mak­ing a pro­fes­sional liv­ing from surf­ing, for the rest there comes a time to move on. For Gis­borne grom Adam Grim­son, he re­cently faced th­ese very de­ci­sions.Early on in his ca­reer he showed great prom­ise and rep­re­sented his coun­try in­ter­na­tion­ally, th­ese ob­vi­ously lead to big dreams for the grom, then a se­ri­ous in­jury fol­lowed and top level com­pe­ti­tion was missed for a com­plete sea­son. His re­cov­ery co­in­cided with a work ex­pe­ri­ence course through his school and Adam im­pressed enough to be of­fered an engineering ap­pren­tice­ship. It was de­ci­sion time. We catch up with the boy for a lit­tle chat on 'mov­ing on'.

So how did this new ca­reer path come about and

what are you do­ing? I have been ac­cepted to do an ap­pren­tice­ship in engineering which will take me three years and af­ter that I'll be a fully qual­i­fied engi­neer and be able to work any­where in the world. I started this year at school not know­ing what I wanted to do in terms of a ca­reer. So I started do­ing this 'Gate­way' pro­gramme which is once a week work ex­pe­ri­ence through my school. I did two weeks at Gis­borne Engineering and they liked the way I worked so of­fered me a two week trial pe­riod to see if I liked the type of work. They then of­fered me a three month trial, so I left school and took up the of­fer and now I have a full on job and have just signed into my ap­pren­tice­ship. You've gone from a point where surf­ing was ba­si­cally your life, where you surfed be­fore and af­ter school, some­times dur­ing school, and have trav­elled all around the coun­try and the world with your surf­ing, to work­ing full time, how's the change been? It's been so fast! I've gone from surf­ing ev­ery day to around once ev­ery two weeks, or if the surf is good most week­ends. I've been pretty knack­ered af­ter work so I haven't had any en­ergy for af­ter work. I'm pretty un­fit aye! But I had a one and half hour ses­sion the other day so I was pretty stoked with that. When you were younger was be­com­ing a pro­fes­sional surfer one of your goals? Yes it was, I was hop­ing to make a ca­reer out of surf­ing and a life­style, but times have changed. Now I've got a job and I'm lov­ing it at the mo­ment. You re­ceived sup­port from a few spon­sors and along with those perks and mak­ing the NZ Ju­nior Team and rep­re­sent­ing your coun­try, is that some­thing you will al­ways look back on and trea­sure? Yeah I couldn't be more thank­ful, so a big cheers to Quik­sil­ver, FCS, Gorilla Grip, Tommy Dal­ton and Mum and Dad, I've been lucky to have been a spoilt lit­tle shit. I'm very lucky to have been al­most all around the world, I've been to Mex­ico, Peru, Chile, Aus­tralia, In­done­sia, Tahiti, and yet there are some peo­ple out there that have never left NZ, so yeah I'm bloody grate­ful! When does the point come in your ca­reer when you had goals of be­com­ing a pro surfer and to fol­low the dream that you've chased for so long and then come to the re­al­i­sa­tion that you just have to get on with life? Well it's hap­pen­ing right now for me, it’s hit­ting me now. At this mo­ment all my fo­cus is about do­ing my ap­pren­tice­ship and hope­fully once I get that out of the way, I'll look at maybe go­ing over­seas and go and do some­thing and ex­pe­ri­ence a few places. I'll still be surf­ing in be­tween. My par­ents were so sup­port­ive of me chas­ing my surf­ing dream so there was never any pres­sure from them to get into a ca­reer, it kind of just hap­pened. They al­ways said to me if I wanted some­thing badly then they'd sup­port me along the way, as long as they saw me try­ing, then they'd try. The other day mum was clean­ing the house and she found this re­port I did at Pri­mary School when I was 10, and it listed my goals for the fu­ture and it read "Make the World's team, make ev­ery fi­nal, and win the un­der 19 ti­tle" and I al­most achieved all those goals, and I'm not 19 yet so I still have time to do that yet. You're ob­vi­ously a ta­lented surfer, do you think there will be a time in the fu­ture when you'll re­turn

to the sport in a se­ri­ous man­ner? Yes and no, that's a long way away, that's three years of my life. Yes I'm hop­ing to make a re­turn of sorts but any­thing can hap­pen be­tween now and then. But to be hon­est that's not re­ally my goal any­more, life has moved on and now my goal is to fin­ish this ap­pren­tice­ship. I'd still love to win a na­tional ti­tle and I've still got a lot more years to be able to do that!

A weekend of waves works in to Grimmo's sched­ule. Photo: Cory.

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