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On March 30th 2011 spawned from the rem­nants of Cy­clone Bune a large long pe­riod swell poured into the East Coast bring­ing to life a wave which had been chased for over seven years since it was first sighted. A wave of such unique qual­i­ties and power that could only be com­pared to Hawaii's Pipe­line. That swell was one for the ages, a once in a life­time mo­ment for those who were present for the tam­ing of the Brother. Over the years be­tween then and now as with those years be­fore he failed to show up for

an­nual reunions, his shy yet in­tim­i­dat­ing na­ture elud­ing those that had come to love him. Some gave up and moved on feel­ing be­trayed, yet for some the love for their Big Brother ran deeper than blood, one day their Brother would come walk­ing back through that door! Just when it was thought the day would never come and iron­i­cally just over three years to the day later there was a knock at the door. Big Brother had re­turned!

Joe Palmer is an un­der­ground charger that has since his teens been known as a guy that loves those days when most refuse to pad­dle out. In re­cent years he has fallen in love with tow surf­ing and rel­ishes days like this even if they do only come around once ev­ery few years.

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