New Zealand Surfing - - Introducing -

In 1992 three times World Cham­pion Tom Cur­ren per­formed a one foot lay­back that rocked the world, it was cap­tured on the orig­i­nal Search movie which was played in slo-mo on VHS in lounges all around the world and even ap­peared on the cover of Surfer Mag­a­zine. These days surfers have be­come so adept at stick­ing manou­vres such as this that they are al­most com­mon place, yet when you get to wit­ness it at a lo­cal break by a lo­cal surfer it still blows your mind! All it takes is speed to burn, an un­der­stand­ing of spa­cial aware­ness, and a de­gree of flex­i­bilty, plus not to men­tion a fair amount of skill. Bobby Hansen has plenty of these el­e­ments and this was just one of four he pulled this ses­sion. Photo: Cory

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