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Speed­ies is G-Land's famed break. Hawai­ian Gerry Lopez and Aus­tralian Peter McCabe are the surfers to bring it into fame. The wave typ­i­cally be­gins as a deep-water peak called the Launch­ing Pad, formed by jack­ing up but giv­ing a rel­a­tively easy and slopey take-off which then links to the main reef and sends the surfer into Speed­ies. This is G-Land's fastest and hol­low­est bar­rel that can on the right wave set up a for over 12-sec­onds. It's a highly rated and sought af­ter wave by many and a wave that has given many surfers the best bar­rel of their life.


Although many guests come to surf straight-out in front of the camp at ei­ther Kongs, Moneytrees, or Speed­ies, there is ac­cess to many waves that cover about 7-kilo­me­ters of coast­line. Only re­cently, within the past decade, have waves fur­ther into the bay other than 20/20s and Tiger­tracks been dis­cov­ered of­fer­ing op­tions for al­most every­one at G-Land. Only the true beginner is out of luck here, but oth­er­wise the pos­si­bil­ity for surfers to ride ev­ery type of surf­board de­sign imag­in­able ex­ists. Be­cause of this va­ri­ety and con­sis­tency, G-Land has be­come one of the best test­ing grounds for surf­board de­signs.

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