“...Frue­hauf (42/11) and MTE (41/13) closed in on 2020 mar­ket leader Patchell...”

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Ken­worth (65/15). The only move­ment in the top 10 was UD (43/2) mov­ing into ninth at the ex­pense of DAF (31/2).

In the 3.5-4.5t GVM cross­over seg­ment, Fiat (95/32) fur­ther ex­tended its lead, while MercedesBe­nz (38/8) held onto se­cond, ahead of Ford (12/1), Re­nault (12/3) and Chevro­let (12/5) – all tied in third.

In the 4.5-7.5t GVM divi­sion, FUSO (102/28) held onto its lead – just! Isuzu (101/28) also sold 28 for the month, to re­main just one reg­is­tra­tion be­hind YTD. Third-placed Iveco (52/16) held its spot, as did Hino (36/14), in fourth po­si­tion. Mercedes-Benz (17/3) was joined in fifth-equal by Fo­ton (17/4).

In the 7.5-15t GVM class, Isuzu (147/24) edged fur­ther ahead with the sub­stan­tial lead it had al­ready cre­ated in the first four months of the year. Hino (57/22) over­took FUSO (52/10) for se­cond. Next came Iveco (16/4), UD (6/2), Fo­ton (5/3), MAN (3/1) and Mercedes-Benz (3/1) – all hold­ing their places.

In the 15-20.5t GVM cat­e­gory, Hino (37/13) stretched its lead, while se­cond-placed UD (16/4) edged clear of FUSO (14/1). Sca­nia (9/2) held fourth – but only by one from Mercedes-Benz (8/2).

In the tiny 20.5-23t GVM divi­sion Hino (11/3) in­creased its lead on FUSO (4/0) and Freight­liner (1/0). Sca­nia (1/0) joined the cat­e­gory.

In the pre­mium 23t to max GVM divi­sion, Volvo (140/31) went fur­ther ahead of se­cond-placed Sca­nia (99/24). Isuzu (85/16) was third, ahead of Ken­worth (65/15). Hino (55/13) caught FUSO (55/7), leav­ing the two fifth-equal.

Mercedes-Benz (49/17), UD (39/12) and DAF (37/10) each held their places, while Sinotruk (28/12) moved up to 10th, past Iveco (27/7) and MAN (22/1).

In the trailer mar­ket, Frue­hauf (42/11) and MTE (41/13) closed in on 2020 mar­ket leader Patchell (44/6).

Still, the YTD po­si­tions were un­changed through­out the top 10, with Road­mas­ter (33/6) hold­ing onto fourth, ahead of Domett (30/8), TMC (25/5) and Freighter (23/9). TES (20/9) was eighth, while Trans­port Trail­ers (16/4) and Trans­fleet (16/5) were ninth-equal.


Pic – Larry Beesley

Long­time Pan­pac con­trac­tors Ian and Brenda Howat­son have nick­named this new Ken­worth T659 8x4 log­ger,

The H&H Log Haulage unit has a 600hp Cum­mins X15 en­gine, an 18-speed Road­ranger man­ual gear­box, Mer­i­tor RT46160GP diffs on Air­glide sus­pen­sion and Patchell log­ging gear, plus a match­ing four-axle trailer

Dunedin’s Clyne Trans­port has put this new Ken­worth K200 to work, cart­ing gen­eral freight around the lower South Is­land. The flat roof 6x4 trac­tor unit has a 600hp en­gine, an 18-speed Road­ranger man­ual gear­box and Mer­i­tor 46-160 diffs on Air­glide sus­pen­sion

Food­stuffs con­trac­tor Bail­lie Trans­port has put this new Ken­worth T410 600mm aero sleeper to work, trans­port­ing chilled and frozen food in Auck­land and the Waikato. The 6x4 has a 510hp MX13 en­gine, a 12-speed PACCAR trans­mis­sion and Mer­i­tor RT46-160 diffs on Air­glide sus­pen­sion. It tows a Fair­fax re­frig­er­ated trailer

River­head earth­mov­ing operator Bur­netts Trans­port has this new Ken­worth T659 truck and trailer tip­per unit sup­port­ing its work around Auck­land and North­land. Mark (Macka) McLach­lan drives the unit, which has a 550hp Cum­mins X15 en­gine, an 18-speed Road­ranger man­ual gear­box, Mer­i­tor RT46-160 diffs on Air­glide sus­pen­sion, a Trans­fleet al­loy bin and match­ing five-axle trailer

Hamil­ton-based Les Har­ri­son Trans­port has added an­other new Hino 700 Se­ries to its op­er­a­tion – this one fit­ted with a Palfin­ger PK26002 EH truck crane, to han­dle con­tain­ers, ma­chin­ery, con­crete pipes and other heavy loads. It has a 480hp en­gine, a Hino AMT and fac­tory diffs and sus­pen­sion, plus a Fore­most En­gi­neer­ing deck.

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