New Zealand Truck & Driver : 2020-06-22

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First Choice For Safety And Comfort. The New Mercedes-Benz Actros. “At Reliance Transport, safety is the most important factor for us when it comes to purchasing trucks. Having already been impressed with the features of the previous model making the decision to upgrade to the new Actros was an easy one. All of our drivers are enjoying the increased visibility they have from the MirrorCams and the new Active Brake Assist 5 means our guys can tackle the Auckland traffic with confidence.” - Mark & Grant Darrah Contact any of our sales specialist­s to find out more about these award winning trucks. Damon Smith, Auckland/Waikato, 021 623 219 Adam Corbett, Upper North, 021 771 335 Callan Short, Central North Island, 021 403 959 John O’Sullivan, Lower North Island, 021 970 930 damon.smith@trucksandt­ adam.corbett@trucksandt­ callan.short@trucksandt­ john.o’sullivan@trucksandt­ Trucks & Trailers 0800 327 777 www.trucksandt­

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