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The mar­riage li­cence: To be legally mar­ried in New Zealand, you need to reg­is­ter for a mar­riage li­cence through the De­part­ment of In­ter­nal Af­fairs ( You have be­tween three months and three work­ing days be­fore your wed­ding to ap­ply. You can ap­ply on­line, but make sure you’ve se­cured your cel­e­brant and venue al­ready, as these are de­tail re­quire­ments on the form. Get the form signed in front of a Reg­is­trar of Mar­riages, up­load it on­line and pay the $150 fee if you’re us­ing a cel­e­brant, or $240 if you’ve opted for a reg­istry wed­ding. The li­cence will take at least three days to be is­sued, along with two copies of the Copy of Par­tic­u­lars. Give all three doc­u­ments to your cel­e­brant be­fore your wed­ding.

Chang­ing your last name: If you get mar­ried or have a civil union, you don’t have to go through any spe­cial pro­cesses - you can just start us­ing your new name! When chang­ing your name on different forms of ID such as your driver’s li­cence and pass­port, you will need to show your mar­riage cer­tifi­cate as proof that you’ve taken on your part­ner’s name.

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