7 ways with det­tol wipes

Soft, thick, and there when you need them, 2 in 1 Det­tol Hand & Sur­face Wipes kill 99.9% of germs*, keep­ing you (and your stuff ) clean.

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly - - KITCHEN CALENDAR -

1 COM­PUTER RE­FRESH Give the key­board a re­fresh and help pre­vent germ build-up on your mouse by giv­ing them both a reg­u­lar clean with Det­tol 2 in 1 Hand & Sur­face Wipes. 2 HEALTHY WORK SPACE While you’re at work, keep a pack of Det­tol Wipes handy for when­ever any­one (or any­thing!) needs them. 3 SPEEDY CAR SPRUCE Even if you aren’t given to snack­ing in the car, wip­ing the sur­faces and up­hol­stery with Det­tol Wipes helps it stay fresh and clean. 4 SO MANY HAN­DLES How many hands have han­dled this han­dle...? Give them a quick wipedown with Det­tol Wipes to help pre­vent the spread of bac­te­ria. 5 HELP­ING HANDS Gen­tle on the skin, Det­tol Wipes kill those germs and nas­ties, leav­ing your hands feel­ing clean and with a fresh fragrance. 6 GREASY MO­BILE PHONE? Your phone is al­ways with you... so the germs you’ve picked up are al­ways with you too! Wipe them away with Det­tol. 7 SU­PER­MAR­KET TROL­LEY SU­PER HERO Add Det­tol 2 in 1 Hand & Sur­face Wipes to your next su­per­mar­ket shop­ping list!

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