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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly - - GREEN GODDESS -

Herbs love warm weather, so now is a good time to start a few in pots on the win­dowsill. Here are three easy ones to grow:

MINT: This herb doesn’t like it too hot, so start it off on the win­dowsill, then put it un­der the shade of a tree out­side.

OREGANO: This is a must-have herb for cheese on toast, pizza or any­thing in­volv­ing cheese. It’s drought-re­sis­tant once es­tab­lished, so it’s great for the sunny side of the deck.

ROSE­MARY: Make sure you get the pros­trate ver­sion as it will be much hap­pier in a pot than one that wants to spread. Rose­mary loves hot weather but will not like damp roots, so make sure there is plenty of drainage in the pot.

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