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I’m torn when it comes to the thought of an­niver­saries. The “sci­en­tist” in me sees an an­niver­sary as a com­pletely ran­dom cel­e­bra­tion based on an ar­bi­trary time frame. Why a year? “Hey, do you re­alise this planet has made one rev­o­lu­tion around the sun since we were mar­ried? Let’s drink!”

There’s another part of me that loves a good an­niver­sary. He doesn’t get on well with “sci­en­tist” Jeremy. He likes the idea of cel­e­brat­ing mile­stones, re­joic­ing that we’ve stuck with some­thing for a uni­ver­sally recog­nised unit of time.

He gets ex­cited about the big mo­ments in life. He sees enor­mous value in watch­ing the speedome­ter roll over from 99999 to 100000. That part of me is so keen on an­niver­saries that he en­cour­aged me to in­tro­duce more into our life. Not sat­is­fied with mar­riages, birth­days, Easter and Christ­mas, I ex­per­i­mented with com­mem­o­rat­ing things like a new pair of jeans.

They didn’t stick be­cause they’re sim­ply not ex­cit­ing enough to re­mem­ber af­ter a whole year and sadly an­niver­saries can’t be weekly or fort­nightly. Some­thing to do with the word “An­niver­sary”. Damn those Ro­mans.

Me­gan and I are due to cel­e­brate our 10th an­niver­sary. It’s not 85 years, but it is hit­ting dou­ble fig­ures, so it mat­ters more than last year’s. So im­por­tant is this par­tic­u­lar land­mark, we might even re­mem­ber!

In fact, that’s a cer­tainty, be­cause on the ex­act date a good friend has had the pres­ence of mind to cel­e­brate his 50th birth­day. Boom! Our cel­e­bra­tion is locked in and or­gan­ised.

Can’t wait to see the look on his face when we re-pur­pose his half-cen­tury fes­tiv­i­ties to toast our mar­riage.

Both Me­gan and I will be happy with that. Sure,

I might throw in a vac­uum cleaner and she’ll give me some Bunnings vouch­ers, but ba­si­cally, for us, the path of least re­sis­tance is one we’re glad to take.

And that’s one of the se­crets to reach­ing big num­bers when it comes to an­niver­saries: Don’t care too much.

It’s also im­por­tant you both re­main in sync. I com­pletely for­got our an­niver­sary one year. It didn’t mat­ter be­cause so did Me­gan.

About 5pm, on the day, she turned to me and said, “Holy crap, it’s our an­niver­sary!”

“Happy an­niver­sary,” we both said and went back to our phones.

And bear in mind the day af­ter any an­niver­sary, you’ll be back work­ing hard to en­sure you reach the next one.

That’s where you should in­vest your en­ergy. Make each day count. Re­peat 365 times and three out of four years you’ll hit another an­niver­sary.

The sci­en­tist in me in­sisted I ac­count for leap years. Kinda takes the gloss of what I was say­ing, but I have to live with him. So it is I am mak­ing to­day count by writ­ing this col­umn.

I’d love to be here for the 86th year of this mag­a­zine. Ex­cuse me now while I raise a glass to Woman’s Weekly. Con­grat­u­la­tions. I for­got to get you any­thing.

You can catch Jeremy on TV3 on Fri­days, 9pm, as the al­ways eru­dite host of 7 Days.

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