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A lot of peo­ple re­act to the chem­i­cals in mas­cara – of par­tic­u­lar con­cern are parabens, stearates, buty­lated hy­drox­y­toluene (BHT) and tri­ethyl­amine ( TEA). If you can find an in­gre­di­ents list on your mas­cara, see if these are on it. Some peo­ple choose to just give up on mas­cara but you can eas­ily make your own nat­u­ral mas­cara in­stead.

Clean mas­cara con­tainer with brush (you can also use an old mas­cara tube you’ve cleaned thor­oughly)

1 tbsp ex­tra vir­gin co­conut or av­o­cado oil

2 tbsp aloe vera gel

1½ tsp beeswax, grated Ac­ti­vated charcoal – ¼ tsp for light black mas­cara,

½ tsp for black mas­cara, ½ tsp cacao pow­der for brown Di­rec­tions

1 Put the co­conut oil, aloe vera gel and grated beeswax in a small saucepan over a low heat. Stir un­til the beeswax is com­pletely melted.

2 Add the charcoal (or the cacao pow­der) to the oil mix­ture. Stir un­til com­pletely in­cor­po­rated. Re­move from the heat.

3 Pour the mix­ture into the mas­cara con­tainer. Do this with a fun­nel or by pour­ing the mix­ture into a small, plas­tic bag, push­ing it into one cor­ner, cut­ting a small hole in the tip of the bag, then gently squeez­ing the mix­ture into the mas­cara tube.

4 Now store in a fridge or a cool place. Once it is cool, it is ready to use!

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