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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly - - WEEKLY GARDEN - Just about ev­ery­thing to do with gar­den­ing is about plan­ning ahead, so I’m ad­dress­ing the is­sue of Christ­mas gifts a month out from the event. It’ll give fam­ily and friends time to hunt down the things on my list, and me time to find the things on their l


I’m giv­ing no­tice that I am no longer a form be­fore func­tion per­son. The change came about a few weeks ago when I fi­nally ad­mit­ted my mid­cen­tury chairs looked fab­u­lous but were bloody un­com­fort­able, and the cute bee house I bought re­cently is of no in­ter­est to bees. Friends and rel­a­tives are now on no­tice that if they hap­pen to see a gift for me that is gor­geous, but largely dys­func­tional, I don’t want it. What I do want is:


I would like this tool belt – and this bum, please! If that’s too big an ask, just the bum will do. Se­ri­ously, a good belt is an es­sen­tial piece of kit when you have a huge gar­den, for ob­vi­ous rea­sons. A FLASH WA­TER­ING CAN I’m fond of wa­ter­ing cans.

I far pre­fer wa­ter­ing with a can than a hose or a sprin­kler – and I’ve be­come a wa­ter­ing can snob, so don’t be get­ting me any­thing bright and plas­tic, thanks. I want a tin can with a stylish brass han­dle and head. WALL­PA­PER

Ob­vi­ously there is a ves­tige of the old “form be­fore func­tion” char­ac­ter­is­tic re­main­ing in my sys­tem, be­cause I’d like to hang a panel of wall­pa­per in the style of this botan­i­cal print. And, ac­tu­ally, I wouldn’t mind that per­spex gar­den lounger ei­ther...


an ashThe Part­ner bought me

spade a han­dled, stainless steel

to use few years ago, but if I want

of his it, I have to sneak it out

to work. I’d wagon be­fore he goes

plus like that spade back, thanks,

steel a se­lec­tion of other stainless

that will tools fit­ted with an alarm

by any­one sound when picked up

mine. with dif­fer­ent DNA from A GAR­DEN HOSE

I want a 25m flex­i­ble hose that promises to be kink-free. It has to be soft, come when it’s pulled and not get tan­gled up in the gar­den fur­ni­ture. It must have sturdy fit­tings that do not al­low the at­tach­ments to fly off when you turn the wa­ter on.

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