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New Zealand Woman’s Weekly - - PUZZLES - Pam Hut­ton PUZ­ZLE EDI­TOR

Find these words hid­den in the grid. Once you have cir­cled these words, use the left­over let­ters in the shaded area to form a re­lated say­ing (3,3,2,3,4)


Archipelago Aus­tral Con­ti­nent Coral is­land Crevasse Delta Desert East­ward Es­carp­ment Es­tu­ary For­est Glacier Hemi­sphere High­land Isth­mus Lakes Land-locked Mag­netic north Marsh Mesa Ocean Peak Penin­sula Plateau Po­lar re­gion Promon­tory South­west­ern Steppe Stream Sub­trop­i­cal Swamp Tem­per­ate zone Town­ship Val­ley Vol­canic Water­course

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