Give us a clue! The Great Bri­tish QUIZ


New Zealand Woman’s Weekly - - ROYAL QUIZ -

1 Which of these sports was NOT in­vented in Bri­tain?

A Cricket

B Rugby

C Soc­cer

D Polo

2True or false: In Lon­don, it is il­le­gal to die in the Houses of Par­lia­ment.

3 How many grand­chil­dren do the Queen and Prince Philip have?

4 In Nor­folk, what would the lo­cals be re­fer­ring to when they men­tion a “bishy bar­ney bee”?

A A la­dy­bird

B A busy­body

C A naysayer

D Some­one who has ques­tion­able ethics

5 True or false: The UK is smaller than the US state of Ore­gon.

6 How many times have the Sum­mer Olympic Games been held in Lon­don?

7 Which year did the Queen re­fer to as her “an­nus hor­ri­bilis”?

8 At the Last Night of the Proms, the au­di­ence tra­di­tion­ally joins in with which song?

A Rule Bri­tan­nia

B Bo­hemian Rhap­sody

C Lon­don Call­ing

D God Save the Queen

9 In which month was the Queen born?

10 True or false: Stone­henge was built be­fore the Great Pyra­mids of Egypt.

11 Which river – ris­ing in Wales and flow­ing to the Bris­tol Chan­nel – is the long­est in the UK?

12 In Not­ting­hamshire, you’re likely to hear the com­mon phrase “gizza glegg”. What does it mean?

A I’d like a pint

B Can I have a look

C It’s okay

D Never mind

13Which is Lon­don’s pop­u­la­tion in 2017 closer to: 6.8 mil­lion or 8.6 mil­lion?

14 True or false: Nige­ria has more English speak­ers than the United King­dom.

15 Which of these beloved bands is NOT Bri­tish? A The Rolling Stones B U2 C Mum­ford & Sons D Du­ran Du­ran

16 What was the name of the man that Princess Mar­garet was not al­lowed to marry dur­ing the 1950s, due to his sta­tus as a di­vorcé?

17 Af­ter Lon­don, which city in the UK has the high­est pop­u­la­tion?

18 Only one South Amer­i­can na­tion be­longs to the Com­mon­wealth. Which is it?

19 How many peo­ple were killed in the Great Fire of Lon­don? A 6 B 600 C 6000 D 60,000

20 True or false: Prince Philip’s mother was a nun.

21 How many peo­ple were re­port­edly hos­pi­talised in the UK dur­ing 1999 for trip­ping over a laun­dry bas­ket?

A 63

B 871

C 1802

D more than 3000

22 True or false: Queen Mary of Scot­land be­came queen when she was only 12 days old.

23 What day is cel­e­brated in Ire­land ev­ery March 17?

24 True or false: If Prince Charles be­comes king, he will be the old­est monarch ever crowned in Bri­tain.

25 How long has the Bri­tish Pound been in use for? A 500 years

B 800 years

C 1200 years

D 1800 years

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