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• Reg­u­larly eat­ing a small quan­tity of nuts can re­duce your risk of de­vel­op­ing atrial fib­ril­la­tion, a heart con­di­tion that re­sults in an ir­reg­u­lar heart­beat. A Swedish study has also found that peo­ple who have a small por­tion of nuts once or twice a week are less likely to have heart fail­ure. Nuts may also be able to help re­duce the risk of hav­ing a stroke.

• Nose plugs that block your sense of smell may be able to in­crease weight loss in peo­ple who are try­ing to shed ki­los. Is­raeli re­searchers de­cided to look into how block­ing smell could af­fect weight loss when they re­alised peo­ple with colds have a re­duced ap­petite. They de­vel­oped nose in­serts made of sil­i­cone and then got a group of obese adults who were on a diet to wear them. Those di­eters lost around 60% more weight than an­other group who didn’t wear in­serts.

The re­searchers put this down to the fact that they couldn’t smell aro­mas that can trig­ger hunger.

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