There’s noth­ing like a trip to Queen­stown to make you feel like you’re not quite liv­ing the dream.

Those moun­tains. That lake. Those house prices.

I cer­tainly couldn’t af­ford to buy a house there and half the time a night in a semi-de­cent ho­tel would be stretch­ing the bud­get.

So to read that the re­sort’s most ex­clu­sive ac­com­mo­da­tion is open­ing soon, at $10,000 a night, is just a bit be­wil­der­ing.

It comes with a but­ler, a per­sonal chef and a driver.

It might cramp the driver’s style be­ing seen in my Mazda hatch, and I wouldn’t have a clue about what I’d ask a but­ler to do.

Pol­ish my jan­dals? Throw my hoodie in the ma­chine for a wash? Could the chef rus­tle me up some fish and chips?

It all sounds very flash, but quite in­tim­i­dat­ing as well know­ing me, I’d break some­thing ex­pen­sive. It’s just up the road, but we’re miles apart re­ally.

I’ll take Life­styles of the Broke But Happy over the Rich and Famous any day.

Rachael Kelly

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