Have we, as a na­tion, reached Peak Flu­oro?

Long gone are the days where you would ar­rive at an event and be di­rected by men in crisp white coats.

Now every man and his dog is don­ning a flu­oro vest.

Gag­gles of school kids roam foot­paths in vests that are far too big for them, safe from kid­nap­pers and roam­ing ra­bid dogs.

Truck driv­ers and con­trac­tors wear tops em­bla­zoned with yellow or orange stripes, safe in the knowl­edge that should a nat­u­ral dis­as­ter oc­cur in their cabs, flu­oro will keep them safe.

It used to be only Re­ally Im­por­tant Peo­ple that wore flu­oro vests, but now ev­ery­one has one.

But if I was crash­ing my car and a flu­oro vest caught my eye is it pos­si­ble that in my mo­ment of panic I might travel to­wards it in­stead? Is flu­oro ac­tu­ally plac­ing us in dan­ger?

We’re sat­u­rated in a world of flu­oro - maybe we should bring back the white coats.

Rachael Kelly

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