A hearty beef curry

Try this beef and pump­kin curry from My Food Bag’s Fresh Start menu.



With minted cu­cum­ber rib­bons Prep: 25 min­utes Cook: 25 min­utes Serves: 2 Massaman pump­kin peanut curry ❚ tea­spoon oil, for cook­ing (or use spray oil) ❚ red onion, finely diced ❚ 11⁄2 tea­spoons finely grated gin­ger ❚ 11⁄2 tea­spoons massaman curry paste (store bought) ❚ 1 tea­spoon curry spices (see recipe be­low) ❚ 200g peeled pump­kin, diced 1-2cm ❚ 40g bul­gur wheat ❚ 1-2 sil­ver­beet leaves, leaves re­moved from white stalks, both thinly sliced (or use baby spinach leaves) ❚ 1 cup wa­ter ❚ cup chicken, veg­etable or beef stock ❚ tea­spoon salt Each week Na­dia gives you an­other easy recipe for your fam­ily and you’ll find all the in­gre­di­ents in My Food Bag. my­food­bag.co.nz ❚ 11⁄2 tea­spoons soy sauce ❚ head cau­li­flower ❚ lemon ❚ cup nat­u­ral unsweet­ened yo­ghurt ❚ 11⁄2 tea­spoons smooth peanut but­ter Beef ❚ 275g lean beef steaks (like rump, sir­loin or eye fil­let) (at room tem­per­a­ture) ❚ tea­spoon oil, for cook­ing (or use spray oil) ❚ tea­spoon massaman curry paste (store bought) Minted cu­cum­ber rib­bons ❚ 1 Le­banese cu­cum­ber (or tele­graph cu­cum­ber) ❚ 2-3 ta­ble­spoons mint leaves ❚ spring onion ❚ ⁄ lemon Curry spices ❚ Mix to­gether tea­spoon onion pow­der, tea­spoon gar­lic pow­der,

tea­spoon ground turmeric, tea­spoon ground gin­ger and tea­spoon garam masala Heat oil in a medium pot on medium heat. Cook onion for 2-3 min­utes, un­til soft. Add gin­ger, curry paste and curry spices and cook a fur­ther 30 sec­onds, un­til fra­grant. Add pump­kin, bul­gur and sil­ver­beet stalks (not leaves), wa­ter, stock, salt and soy sauce. Bring to a sim­mer and cook for 5-6 min­utes.

While curry is cook­ing, pre­pare cau­li­flower. Dice flo­rets and stalk 1-2cm. Add cau­li­flower and re­served sil­ver­beet leaves to curry and cook a fur­ther 5-7 min­utes, un­til veg­eta­bles and bul­gur are cooked. If curry dries out at any time, add more wa­ter, cup at a time.

Heat a medium, dry fry­pan or grill plate on high heat. Pat beef dry with pa­per tow­els, rub over oil and massaman curry paste and sea­son with salt. Cook beef for 2-3 min­utes each side (de­pend­ing on thick­ness), or un­til cooked to your lik­ing. Cover and set aside to rest for 5 min­utes, be­fore slic­ing very thinly against the grain.

While beef is cook­ing, pre­pare cu­cum­ber rib­bons. Use a veg­etable peeler to peel cu­cum­ber into long, thin rib­bons and thinly slice core; roughly chop mint leaves; thinly slice spring onion; zest and juice both mea­sures of lemon (re­serve zest and juice of about lemon, for curry).

Place all in a medium bowl, sea­son with salt and pep­per and toss to com­bine. Re­move curry from heat. Stir re­served lemon zest and juice, yo­ghurt, peanut but­ter and any beef rest­ing juices into curry just be­fore serv­ing. Sea­son to taste with salt and pep­per.

To serve, spoon the curry into bowls and top with beef and minted cu­cum­ber rib­bons.

Note: Cook beef at room tem­per­a­ture for best re­sults. ❚ My Food Bag Fresh Start recipes are 450 calo­ries or less per serve, have lean protein and loads of veg­eta­bles, and are lower in gluten and dairy.

Beef and Massaman Pump­kin Peanut Curry with minted cu­cum­ber rib­bons.

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