Flavours of Greece spice up lamb cakes

Juicy lamb cakes and a crisp, sim­ple salad to add colour to your plate - what’s not to love?



With cu­cum­ber, tomato and radish salad Prep: 20 min­utes Cook: 15 min­utes Serves: 2 Greek-spiced lamb cakes ❚ 250g lean ground lamb mince ❚ brown onion, finely diced ❚ 11⁄2 tea­spoons lamb spice mix* ❚ 1 clove gar­lic, minced ❚ cup whole­meal bread­crumbs ❚ 1 ta­ble­spoon ground LSA (or use 10g fur­ther whole­meal bread­crumbs) ❚ tea­spoon salt ❚ 1 ta­ble­spoon finely chopped pars­ley leaves ❚ egg, lightly whisked ❚ 1 tea­spoon oil, to coat (or use spray oil) *Lamb spice mix ❚ 1 tsp ground cu­min ❚ 1 tsp ground co­rian­der ❚ 1 tsp pa­prika ❚ tsp smoked pa­prika Each week Na­dia gives you an­other easy recipe for your fam­ily and you’ll find all the in­gre­di­ents in My Food Bag. my­food­bag.co.nz ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ Vinai­grette ❚ tea­spoon salt ❚ tea­spoon mus­tard (e.g. Di­jon, whole­grain) ❚ Juice of lemon Cu­cum­ber, tomato and radish salad ❚ cap­sicum ❚ Le­banese cu­cum­ber ❚ 1 tomato ❚ 1-2 radishes ❚ 1 ta­ble­spoon pars­ley leaves and stalks ❚ 2 ta­ble­spoons mint leaves ❚ x 400g can can­nellini beans, drained and rinsed To serve 75g un­sweet­ened low-fat plain yo­ghurt, lemon cut into wedges (op­tional)

Pre­heat oven to 220 de­grees Cel­sius. Line an oven tray with bak­ing pa­per.

Place all Greek-spiced lamb cake in­gre­di­ents (ex­cept oil) into a medium bowl and mix un­til well com­bined. Us­ing clean, damp hands, shape mix­ture into golf ball-sized balls then flat­ten slightly into cakes, about 1.5cmthick. Place cakes onto pre­pared tray and lightly brush with oil (or spray). Bake (on up­per oven rack) for about 8 min­utes, un­til just cooked through. Switch oven to high grill and grill cakes for a fur­ther 4-5 min­utes, un­til lightly brown on top.

While cakes are cook­ing, whisk all vinai­grette in­gre­di­ents to­gether in a medium bowl. Re­move core and seeds from cap­sicum and dice cap­sicum, cu­cum­ber, tomato and radishes 1cm. Roughly chop sec­ond mea­sure of pars­ley and mint.

Add all salad veges to bowl with vinai­grette, along with drained can­nellini beans. Toss to com­bine and sea­son to taste with pep­per and more salt, if de­sired.

To serve, spoon cu­cum­ber, tomato and radish salad onto plates. Top with Greek-spiced lamb cakes, dol­lop over yo­ghurt and serve with a lemon wedge to squeeze over (if us­ing). ❚ My Food Bag Fresh Start recipes are 450 calo­ries or less per serve, have lean pro­tein and loads of veg­eta­bles, and are lower in gluten and dairy.

Greek-spiced lamb cakes with cu­cum­ber, tomato and radish salad.

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