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Emma Clifton has a new strat­egy to help her join the jet­set – the se­cret is an Amer­i­can Ex­press Air­points Card

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It’s that time of year, where ev­ery­one I know is going on hol­i­day and – as much as I love my job – I want one too, please. Trouble is, the old sav­ings ac­count has seen bet­ter days and the travel fund is look­ing sur­pris­ingly lack­lus­tre. How­ever, like a fairy god­mother

(but for the mod­ern girl who would pick par­adise over Prince Charm­ing) the Amer­i­can Ex­press Air­points Plat­inum Card helps you ac­cu­mu­late Air­points Dol­lars™. Yep, even when you’re do­ing fun shop­ping – clothes and shoes! – or glum shop­ping – bills and gro­ceries – you’re get­ting closer to your next hol­i­day. My friend is open­ing a gallery in Mel­bourne later this year and I’m hop­ing to nip across to see her, so let’s see how close I can get with a week’s worth of spend­ing.


I live with a tall man and a small dog, and we’re do­ing our best to cook all of our main meals rather than re­ly­ing on take­aways. So we do one big shop a week to get or­gan­ised! To­tal spend: $210

Air­points Dol­lars earned: 3.5


I take the train to work, be­cause I’m en­vi­ron­men­tally con­scious/can­not bear an hour in grid­locked traf­fic.

I top up my Hop card ev­ery fort­night and there’s a tiny thrill in know­ing that my nec­es­sary trans­port fees are get­ting me a step closer to my plane fare (fun trans­port fees). To­tal spend: $120

Air­points Dol­lars earned: 2


We have a work event com­ing up – an in­cred­ibe evening where we get to meet some of New Zealand’s most in­spir­ing women. I don’t live a cock­tail dress life­style – I live on a farm – so I buy a lit­tle black dress I can imag­ine do­ing dou­ble duty at the gallery open­ing! To­tal spend: $350

Air­points Dol­lars earned: 5.9


Late night shop­ping in the CBD is a hazard; on the way to the train sta­tion I ac­ci­den­tally stop into Peter Alexan­der and ac­ci­den­tally pur­chase a pair of flo­ral py­ja­mas for spring.

To­tal spend: $160 (look, they are very nice py­ja­mas!) Air­points Dol­lars earned: 2.7


My sweet car needs four new wheels, be­cause a) it’s rather old and b) I don’t treat it as well as I per­haps should. I grit my teeth, swipe my card, and imag­ine how I’ll feel when I’m get­ting on that plane to Mel­bourne. To­tal spend: $800

Air­points Dol­lars earned: 13.5


Tonight I’m off to visit a friend who re­cently moved up north, and the car needs to be filled up. I head to the lo­cal Z sta­tion where I can dou­ble dip by us­ing my AMEX and scan­ning my Air­points card.

To­tal spend: $105

Air­points Dol­lars earned: 2.2

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