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This month we asked an on­line panel of NEXT read­ers for the mantra they live by; turn to The List on the back page if you’d like to skip straight to their answers. Read­ing through them, I see a def­i­nite theme: look­ing on the bright side. We push our­selves to live a happy, ful­fill­ing life, but we never for­get to be thank­ful for what we al­ready have. No 11 on the list: ‘Ev­ery day above ground is a good one’. True that.

My own per­sonal mantra is stolen straight from Nike, who I prom­ise are not pay­ing me to write this. Truly, there have been many mo­ments in my life when

I’ve told my­self to ‘Just Do It’. Most of the time it’s di­rectly re­lated to the alarm go­ing off and my in­ten­tion to knock out a 5km run be­fore work. Then there’s the pro­cras­ti­na­tion that can eas­ily sneak into a jour­nal­ist’s day (should I write that story, or clear all the used cups on my desk in­stead?). But I’ve also pepped my­self up with this mantra when big de­ci­sions have to be made. Be­cause we usu­ally know what we want to do, but can too eas­ily think of 1000 rea­sons not to. On this month’s cover we have an­other mantra I fully be­lieve in: ‘Just Be You’. Which I think is a scary con­cept for some. It’s com­mon to think if we were some­how dif­fer­ent, we’d lead a more suc­cess­ful and hap­pier life. And while there’s noth­ing wrong with chal­leng­ing our­selves to learn and grow, we can still do that while em­brac­ing our own unique strengths, mo­ti­va­tions and quirks. There’s no bet­ter proof of that than the women we cel­e­brate in this is­sue. From our in­cred­i­ble Woman of the Year win­ners and a Kiwi who’s sur­vived two decades in Hol­ly­wood, to a no­madic mind­ful­ness mogul and a world-renowned fash­ion de­signer. There’s tenac­ity, vision, hu­mour and good old-fash­ioned awe­some­ness in their sto­ries. But it’s clear there’s no tem­plate for who can and can’t suc­ceed. We all have it in us. Just be you, and just do it. Do you think I should patent that one?!

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