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Di­vine gifts, deca­dent dessert top­pings or a sur­prise treat, un­wrap magic this Christ­mas with Fer­rero Rocher.

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Fer­rero Rocher has been part of cel­e­brat­ing mo­ments of to­geth­er­ness since it be­gan as a fam­ily busi­ness in Italy in the 1940s. From gift­ing choices for loved ones or col­leagues, like the golden Fer­rero Rocher Cube Gift Box or the im­pres­sive Fer­rero Rocher Cone, giv­ing and re­ceiv­ing a box of rich, creamy Fer­rero Rocher choco­lates is al­ways a de­light. This Christ­mas, cre­ate spe­cial mo­ments for fam­ily and friends with Fer­rero Rocher as your in­spi­ra­tion, and bring de­li­cious cre­ativ­ity to the fes­tive ta­ble with a beau­ti­ful Fer­rero Rocher-topped dessert recipe and el­e­gant crafted bon-bon ta­ble set­ting.

Watch the eyes of your guests light up as you bring out these brown sugar meringues topped with Fer­erro Rocher. They’ll love the de­li­cious crunch of the Fer­rero Rocher wafer shell, the creamy fill­ing and hazel­nut in­side match­ing per­fectly with the melt-in-your-mouth meringue and maple cream...

Brown sugar meringue with choco­late and maple cream

150g (ap­prox. 5, size 6) egg whites Pinch cream of tar­tar

300g brown sugar

1 Tbsp corn flour

1 tsp white vine­gar

½ tsp vanilla ex­tract

50g melted choco­late

10 Fer­rero Rocher choco­lates

1 tsp of co­coa for dust­ing


300ml cream

1 heaped tsp ic­ing sugar 2 tsp maple syrup 1. Pre heat oven to 120°C.

2. Whisk egg whites and cream of tar­tar un­til soft peaks form. Con­tinue whisk­ing, adding the brown sugar a spoon­ful at a time. When all the sugar is added but the mix­ture is not grainy, add vanilla, corn­flour and vine­gar. Melt the choco­late in a bowl set over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter. Cool slightly, then swirl half the choco­late into the meringue, don’t mix.

3. Us­ing around 2 heap­ing spoon­fuls per serv­ing, make 10 mounds of meringue on a bak­ing pa­per cov­ered tray, cre­ate in­dents in each with the back of a spoon and us­ing the tip of a knife driz­zle and swirl on the re­main­ing choco­late.

4. Re­duce tem­per­a­ture to 100°C. Bake 1-½ hours. Meringues should lift from the pa­per when done. Cool in the oven an ad­di­tional hour. When com­pletely cooled, fill with the maple cream, top with a Fer­rero Rocher and dust with co­coa pow­der, if de­sired.

Maple Cream: Whip the cream to soft peaks. Fold in the ic­ing sugar and maple syrup and chill un­til needed. SERVES 10


Se­cure the bak­ing pa­per to the tray with a dab of meringue mix­ture.

Gor­geous golden Fer­rero Rocher bon-bons bring a touch of fun to your fes­tive ta­ble. Mak­ing them will get you in the Christ­mas spirit too.


Gold craft pa­per and card­board tube Pink­ing shears and scis­sors Dou­ble-sided tape

Gold string and gold star sprin­kles Christ­mas note

Fer­rero Rocher 1 Cut along both the short edges of the craft pa­per with the pink­ing shears. Turn the pa­per and place a 3-4cm piece of dou­ble-sided tape on the long edge and re­move the back­ing.

2 Place the card­board tube to­wards the bot­tom of the pa­per and roll un­til it meets the tape. Gen­tly rub along the line of the tape to seal it closed. Cut a length of gold string, en­sur­ing it’s a lit­tle longer than the bon bon. Care­fully crunch the pa­per near the edge of the tube and tie with the string. 3 Fold your note and place it in­side. Add a Fer­rero Rocher and some star sprin­kles. Scrunch the open end of the bon-bon and close it with an­other length of gold string. Make one for each place at the ta­ble.


It’s a lit­tle bit del­i­cate... When scrunch­ing the ends of the bon bon, take care not to tear the pa­per.

Raf­faello make sweet tree dec­o­ra­tions or add-on gifts

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