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Tra­di­tion­ally used in Ja­panese and Asian cook­ing, this su­per cit­rus fruit has been cham­pi­oned by Jamie Oliver and is praised for its ad­van­tages over lemons. Yuzu has twice as much vi­ta­min C as lemons and or­anges, is great for boost­ing im­mu­nity and heart health, and its juice packs a zingy punch in sauces and dress­ings. It’s said to go well with fish, cock­tails and desserts.


With gut health dom­i­nat­ing the well­ness in­dus­try, we’re tak­ing a leaf out of Ja­pan’s recipe book with its fer­mented sugar al­ter­na­tive, ama-koji. Also known as the new sauerkraut, ama-koji is rice cooked with the koji fun­gus to cre­ate a sweet­ener that can be added to por­ridge, cof­fee or your morn­ing smoothie. As a fer­mented food, ama-koji has the same ben­e­fits for the gut as sauerkraut and kim­chi. When koji is left to fer­ment with rice and wa­ter in a rice cooker, it re­leases en­zymes that give an in­cred­i­bly sweet taste.


Six-legged crit­ters are a well­ness pow­er­house thanks to their high pro­tein, fibre and cal­cium con­tent. Look out for snacks such as sweet chilli and lime crunchy roasted freeze-dried crick­ets and cricket-pow­ered en­ergy bars – or meal­worms at your lo­cal café.


Clean eat­ing has been given a makeover with recipes free from an­i­mal-based in­gre­di­ents. There are so many easy ve­gan al­ter­na­tives – chia seeds can be ex­panded if left to soak in liq­uid and be­come gelati­nous, mak­ing them a great swap for eggs next time you cook up a storm. And you don’t need to miss out on cheese with ‘moz­zarella’ made with cashew nuts and tapi­oca starch. Even if you haven’t gone full-on ve­gan, meat-free Mon­days are sure to shake up your weekly din­ner menu.

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