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I read with in­ter­est the var­i­ous com­ments put for­ward by read­ers re­gard­ing cats and, al­though I love an­i­mals, I be­lieve that the Govern­ment should bring in rules for cats as well as dogs.

My res­i­dence is sur­rounded by peo­ple who own cats and my gar­den is used as a public toi­let; mostly my veg­etable gar­den and on my lawns. My prop­erty is fully fenced, so it is not dogs leav­ing their drop­pings.

We used to have an abun­dance of birds in our gar­den but sadly the num­bers have dwin­dled rapidly. We once had a dove­cote but ev­ery­one of the white China doves was killed by neigh­bour­ing cats, leav­ing feath­ers scat­tered ev­ery­where.

Cats are preda­tors and they do stalk and kill birds; es­pe­cially baby birds who don’t stand a chance.

The cats keep me awake at night with their howl­ing, and run all over my roof. They spray ev­ery­where and the stench is dis­gust­ing es­pe­cially when the sun gets on it.

If they were kept in at night and on their own prop­er­ties, their own­ers would have to clean up their mess rather than their neigh­bours.

Mar­ion Mor­ton



My con­cerns are about the cur­rently in­ef­fi­cient public rub­bish col­lec­tion.

On Sun­day, 16/7/17 in Chartwell Av­enue shop­ping cen­tre, the over­flow­ing bins were no­ti­fied to Auck­land Coun­cil at 9am and at 11.30am. The coun­cil was no­ti­fied again that the con­trac­tor had picked up only the over­flow­ing rub­bish.

I checked with shop own­ers and they had not cleared the rub­bish them­selves. I am an­gry if this is the qual­ity of ser­vice we can now ex­pect from the new coun­cil con­trac­tor. Bring back Recre­ational Ser­vices!

While this prob­lem is un­sightly and sug­gests in­ef­fi­cient man­age­ment by the new con­trac­tor, my main con­cern is the ef­fect this will have on the ex­ist­ing ro­dent prob­lem on the North Shore.

A coun­cil of­fi­cer ac­knowl­edged the prob­lem last month when I com­plained about large rats in my Glen­field street.

It is not just over­flow­ing bins that at­tract ver­min. Other res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial prac­tices, eg, throw­ing bread and food scraps out for the birds, airdry­ing meat in open win­dows, gut­ting fish in the open, leav­ing ac­cu­mu­lated rub­bish for


It seems that the var­i­ous par­ties ar­gu­ing for vot­ers, are much more con­cerned with try­ing to de­mol­ish the other non­govern­ment par­ties, try­ing to one up them and take votes from them, rather than fo­cussing on the Govern­ment they say they want to re­place.

So the tug-of-war be­tween them goes on, in fact es­ca­lates, while the govern­ment party can sit back, un­scathed, en­joy­ing the pan­tomime.

Na­tional, will likely be laughing all the way to the bal­lot box.

Tony Hol­man

North­cote Point


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Cats should be kept in at night, a reader says.

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