Ex-Green’s Moore resur­faces with TOP


Their at­tempt to poach the Greens’ Julie-Anne Gen­ter may not have worked, but Gareth Mor­gan’s TOP party have se­cured the help of one of the party’s can­di­dates.

Marine sci­en­tist and char­ity boss Teresa Moore has an­nounced she will run for TOP in the East Coast Bays seat.

Moore has run as a Greens’ can­di­date twice in the past and was slated to run for them again this year, but pulled out be­cause she didn’t feel she had the time for pol­i­tics - and was grow­ing tired of the party sys­tem.

But that was all be­fore she went and saw Mor­gan speak at one of his road­shows.

‘‘It was an in­stan­ta­neous thing. I went to see Gareth [Mor­gan] at a road­show and just went up af­ter­wards and told him it was awe­some. He asked if I wanted to run for a seat and I said yes.’’

What swayed her? Mor­gan’s rad­i­cal tax pol­icy, which would dras­ti­cally cut in­come tax while cre­at­ing a new wealth tax on prop­erty. She was also very in­ter­ested in TOP’s Univer­sal Ba­sic In­comes poli­cies.

‘‘It res­onated with me. It’s ac­tu­ally a good an­swer to the ques­tion of get­ting more money into peo­ple’s pock­ets each week - and 80 per cent of peo­ple would be bet­ter off. That’s a big chunk of New Zealand,’’ Moore said.

‘‘With TOP we are talk­ing the lan­guage that I want to talk we’ve got to look af­ter our en­vi­ron­ment, our econ­omy, and lo­cal is­sues.’’

Moore said Mor­gan got her ex­cited about pol­i­tics again, but she said she still shared val­ues with the Green Party.

The char­ity she runs pro­vides sup­port for fam­i­lies deal­ing with autism. Ear­lier in her life Moore worked for the then-Min­istry of Fish­eries.

Moore wasn’t con­cerned with one of the ma­jor wor­ries the Greens and Labour have over TOP - that they would pull a few per­cent­age points of the left vote off them and then waste it by not mak­ing it into Par­lia­ment.

‘‘The thing about TOP is we ap­peal to all peo­ple whether you’re left right or what­ever. Our votes could be com­ing from the left but I think they are mostly swing vot­ers.’’

TOP are polling at around 1 per cent. With­out a seat - which TOP is un­likely to win - you need to win at least 5 per cent of the party vote to en­ter Par­lia­ment.

She thought the party had a good chance of mak­ing 5 per cent.

‘‘I’ve been get­ting phonecalls from peo­ple I haven’t heard from in years say­ing ‘con­grats we’re right be­hind you’.’’

East Coast Bays has been held by Na­tional’s Mur­ray Mc­Cully since 1987. This year he has been re­placed by Erica Stan­ford.

Orig­i­nally run­ning with the Green Party, Teresa Moore has joined The Op­por­tu­ni­ties Party in­stead.

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