Boy saves fam­ily fire


A Ngaru­awahia fam­ily had a close call when their house caught fire at 4am on Fri­day.

It ap­peared a plas­tic bucket full of hot ashes from a fire was left on a wooden deck of a home on Kent St, Ngaru­awahia, Fire Chief Karl Lap­wood said.

The heat in­creased, ig­nit­ing the bucket and burn­ing a hole through the deck.

Fire then burned through the wood and into the wall of the house, fill­ing it with smoke.

‘‘One of the kids woke up to the house full of smoke and alerted the rest of the fam­ily,’’ Lap­wood said.

With no work­ing smoke alarms, it was in­cred­i­bly lucky the young pri­mary school age boy awoke and got the fam­ily of five or six out, he said.

‘‘If he hadn’t wo­ken up it would have taken hold.

‘‘They were all a bit shaken up by it.’’

All homes needed work­ing smoke alarms for in­ci­dents like this, he said.

Ashes also needed to be placed in a steel bucket or bar­rell and kept well clear of any build­ings.

It was one of five homes to catch fire on Fri­day.

About the same time, Mor­rinsville fire crews were called to a house fire.

A pos­si­ble elec­tri­cal fire had ig­nited in the ceil­ing of a home, Ruru said.

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