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Re­gard­ing am­bu­lance re­sponse times: In our ex­pe­ri­ence it can take over 35 min­utes to get to the Bay of Is­lands hos­pi­tal and around 1 hour 15 min­utes to Whangarei hos­pi­tal.

Al­lowances must also be included to find park­ing. In April my 91-year-old fa­ther fell in his at­tached an­nex liv­ing room in the early hours of the morn­ing. I pressed his St John med­i­cal alarm and it took the am­bu­lance 55 min­utes to get here. He had frac­tured his fe­mur which had to be pinned and plated.

Six weeks later dad fell again, this time in the bath­room. His St John alarm was im­me­di­ately pressed and their re­sponse was that it would be one hour be­fore an am­bu­lance could at­tend.

Af­ter 45 min­utes St John rang back to say the am­bu­lance had been di­verted to a more ur­gent case and it would be an­other hour be­fore it could get to us.

For two hours my dad, with end stage re­nal fail­ure, lay on a cold bath­room floor, as we had been told not to move him. We pro­vided pil­lows, hot wa­ter bot­tles and cov­ered him with blan­kets to keep him warm. He was trans­ferred to Bay of Is­lands hos­pi­tal.

My com­ments are to high­light the lack of re­sources for an ever in­creas­ing pop­u­la­tion in North­land, to Win­ston Peters and the Gov­ern­ment, and not to crit­i­cise the res­cue ser­vices who at­tended.

David Good­win



Al­though the new sew­er­age sys­tem will not af­fect us, I was as­ton­ished to see new users to this sys­tem will be re­quired to pay a hefty con­nec­tion fee and then an on­go­ing pay­ment over and above their nor­mal rates for, it seems, an un­lim­ited pe­riod.

Even if one chooses not to be con­nected there is still a hefty one off charge - for what? Sim­ply be­cause your home is sit­u­ated within the bound­aries of the new sys­tem.

Per­son­ally I find this user pays ap­proach to be quite un­fair and, in the long run, un­work­able. For don­keys years the ratepay­ers not on town sew­er­age have been ef­fec­tively sub­si­dis­ing all those ratepay­ers who were on the town sewage sys­tem.

Like­wise, all those ratepay­ers who are liv­ing on gravel roads have been ef­fec­tively sub­si­dis­ing the seal­ing of the roads for other ratepay­ers. To now choose sew­er­age as an item which should sim­ply be paid for uniquely by the spe­cific users is ridicu­lous and


Re­gard­ing the new road safety bar­ri­ers on Bryn­der­wyn Hills: Hav­ing just trav­elled over the Bryn­der­wyn Hills, I would think New Zealand Trans­port Agency should look for the cause of the stated 20 plus ac­ci­dents rather than pat them­selves on the back.

I think it was a waste of money as the north side wasn’t as bad as the south side which still needs re­align­ing. For the amount of earth they shifted there should be a su­per high­way over the hill in­stead of a one lane north­bound plus two lanes south­bound.

V Hol­loway

Tok­erau Beach


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Reader David Good­win had a long wait for an am­bu­lance re­cently.

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