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The speed limit on Kapiro Rd is dan­ger­ous. I have writ­ten twice to the Far North District Coun­cil ask­ing for it to be re­duced to 80kmh, in line with Kerik­eri and Waipapa roads.

Twice my re­quests have been re­fused. The first ex­cuse was that a change was not jus­ti­fied. The sec­ond was that it would be a waste of time to re­duce the speed limit be­cause no­body would abide by it.

Kapiro Rd has trucks, trac­tors, school buses, cy­clists and walk­ers and there will cer­tainly be more deaths if the race track re­mains.

I used to ride my bike on the road, but gave up be­cause of the dan­ger of speed­ing traf­fic. I may an­noy some peo­ple, but I don’t go any faster than 80kmh be­cause it is too dan­ger­ous.

Apart from three deaths, I have also had two power poles de­mol­ished on ei­ther side of my prop­erty. Whilst nei­ther caused a

100kmh is way too fast for this road. I would be in favour of a speed limit lower than 80kmh which is still too fast. A mo­tor cy­clist and cy­clist have been killed in the past three years.

I won­der how many have been in­jured and not re­ported?

The coun­cil should pro­vide an up-to-date re­port on the num­ber of cars and trucks that now use Kapiro Rd. It has be­come one of the ma­jor en­trances to Kerik­eri.

The coun­cil should pro­vide an up­date on the res­i­den­tial and com­mer­cial prop­er­ties that are now lo­cated on this road. Many have set up busi­ness since the coun­cil’s last as­sess­ment was un­der­taken in 2014.

It’s quite com­mon for slow­mov­ing trac­tor and trailer units with ki­wifruit to en­ter the road of fast mov­ing traf­fic, caus­ing yet another haz­ard.

The coun­cil should as­sess the num­ber of chil­dren that use this route, ei­ther en­ter­ing or leav­ing day care nurs­eries or wait­ing for school buses. There are no foot­paths or cy­cle paths on Kapiro Rd which is be­com­ing in­creas­ingly res­i­den­tial.

Tom Batch­e­lor

Kerik­eri via Neigh­bourly


It’s both the driv­ers and the speed limit. In the evening you hear some ve­hi­cles us­ing the long straight stretches like a rac­ing track go­ing way over the 100kmh.

I’ve even been told by one mo­torist how he checked out his cars top speed along here.

Another lady says she uses Kapiro Rd be­cause it avoids the con­fu­sion at Waipapa Rd in­ter­sec­tion.

Kapiro Rd may look quiet, but it is full of long drives with up to six or more res­i­dences down the back. We have a large pop­u­la­tion along this road. Another prob­lem is sun strike at late af­ter­noon.

The grass verges are of­ten too nar­row for a rider mower to get along with power poles ob­struct­ing ac­cess.

Enid Honiss

Kerik­eri via Neigh­bourly


I find it hard to be­lieve this road has an open speed limit of 100kmh. There are many busi­nesses, or­chards and homes along this road as well as the child­care cen­tre, and a new sub­di­vi­sion. A lower speed limit would be much safer and more suit­able for Kapiro Rd!

Wendy Mayson


Many res­i­dents want the speed limit on Kapiro Rd re­duced.

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