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It’s both nat­u­ral and non­sen­si­cal for us to ask (and con­tin­u­ally be asked): what’s the best car in the world? That ep­i­thet rather fa­mously be­longs to Rolls-Royce, of course. It per­haps should have been a fleet­ing one, be­cause it’s gen­er­ally at­trib­uted to a jour­nal­ist and phrases from jour­nal­ists are just as fa­mously fleet­ing. But this one has stuck.

Won­der­ing whether a car is the best in the world is the same as won­der­ing whether a DVD player or a pair of sneakers is the best in the world: im­pos­si­ble to quan­tify be­cause ‘best’ is a fluid and there­fore elu­sive con­cept. It de­pends en­tirely on in­di­vid­ual pref­er­ences.

But it’s still a won­der­fully sat­is­fy­ing ab­so­lute that we keep ask­ing our­selves. In the au­to­mo­tive con­text, per­haps best­ness (that’s a word I just in­vented) is a prod­uct of fit­ness-for-pur­pose. Good luck in work­ing your way through that one.

But best­ness rather im­plies sin­gu­lar­ity, and that doesn’t re­ally work in the mod­ern car world. Once upon a time Rolls-Royce had a sin­gle model. I’ve just been driv­ing the new Dawn con­vert­ible, and it’s one of five dis­tinct

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