Brightstar is New Zealand's lead­ing train­ing com­pany. We are a pas­sion­ate group of peo­ple who as­sist or­gan­i­sa­tions achieve their as­pi­ra­tions by work­ing with them to train their peo­ple for suc­cess. With 18 years’ ex­pe­ri­ence de­sign­ing and de­liv­er­ing train­ing cour­ses and be­spoke pro­grammes, Brightstar’s pub­lic cour­ses, in-house and cus­tomised train­ing op­tions make it easy to bring about real change, with real re­sults. Brightstar can help with all your train­ing needs no mat­ter where in NZ you are based.


Steve Scott, Manag­ing Di­rec­tor steves@con­ Jane Welch – In-house Learn­ing & De­vel­op­ment Man­ager


Con­tract Law for Non Lawyers An es­sen­tial course that ex­plores de­tails such as when a con­tract will be re­quired, when you have a con­tract (and don’t nec­es­sar­ily know it), what types of con­tract ex­ist and the ef­fect of laws on your con­trac­tual ar­range­ments. Learn how to de­velop legally as­tute and ad­van­ta­geous con­tracts and achieve ef­fec­tive, work­able so­lu­tions for all your con­tract­ing needs. Also, ex­plore how to en­sure your con­tracts are plainly ex­pressed and risk man­aged. Dates: 26-27 June 2017, Auck­land 28-29 June 2017, Welling­ton Presenter: Terry Reid Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

De­vel­op­ing Assertive­ness & Self Con­fi­dence at Work

Achiev­ing suc­cess­ful work­ing re­la­tion­ships with col­leagues is not al­ways easy. How­ever, there is a bal­ance where you can at­tain the best from col­leagues, earn their re­spect and cre­ate a more con­struc­tive work­ing at­mos­phere. Learn to be more as­sertive and pro­ject a con­fi­dent, pos­i­tive self-im­age with this hands-on course.


4 April 2017 Welling­ton 31 May 2017, Auck­land 26 July 2017, Welling­ton 19 Septem­ber 2017, Welling­ton 17 Oc­to­ber 2017, Auck­land

Presenter: Keith McGre­gor Cost: $1,195+gst

Fi­nance for the Non Fi­nan­cial Man­ager

If you lack con­fi­dence work­ing with fi­nan­cial con­cepts and lan­guage, you are not alone!

Many man­agers are ex­pected to make fi­nan­cially based de­ci­sions with­out the as­sur­ance of a for­mal fi­nan­cial back­ground.

This course is an in-depth and prac­ti­cal course that de­mys­ti­fies fi­nan­cial con­cepts and pro­vides tools for en­hanc­ing your ef­fec­tive­ness as a man­ager. Dates: 30-31 May 2017, Auck­land 3- 4 Au­gust 2017, Welling­ton 9-10 Novem­ber 2017, Auck­land 14-15 Novem­ber 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Su­san Hansen Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Strate­gic Ne­go­ti­a­tion and In­flu­enc­ing Skills

Gain the skills to lead or nav­i­gate the ne­go­ti­a­tion process, un­cover po­si­tions and your pri­or­i­ties and use com­mu­ni­ca­tion tech­niques that al­low you to in­flu­ence the ne­go­ti­a­tion. You will learn to recog­nise your own style and trig­gers, and work to de­velop a level of aware­ness that will in­crease your con­fi­dence and fo­cus.


15 June 2017, Auck­land 4 July 2017, Welling­ton 26 Septem­ber 2017, Auck­land 22 Novem­ber 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Pamela Cronin Cost: $1,195+gst

Assertive­ness, In­flu­enc­ing & Con­flict Man­age­ment for Women

4 April 2017, Auck­land 16 May 2017, Welling­ton 8 Au­gust 2017, Auck­land 12 Septem­ber 2017, Welling­ton 21 Novem­ber 2017, Auck­land

Presenter: Pamela Cronin Cost: $1,195+gst

Busi­ness Val­u­a­tions Mas­ter­class

2-3 May 2017, Auck­land Presenter: Don Sloan Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Lead­er­ship De­vel­op­ment for Women

5- 6 April 2017, Auck­land 20-21 June 2017, Auck­land 1-2 Au­gust 2017, Welling­ton 19-20 Septem­ber 2017, Auck­land 7-8 Novem­ber 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Pamela Cronin Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Ad­vanced In­ven­tory Man­age­ment

6-7 June 2017, Auck­land 13-14 Septem­ber 2017, Auck­land Presenter: Keith Robin­son Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Fi­nan­cial Mod­el­ling

15-16 May 2017, Auck­land 18-19 May 2017, Welling­ton 16-17 Oct 2017, Auck­land 19-20 Oct 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Alex Palfi Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Op­er­a­tional Risk As­sess­ment

4-5 April 2017, Auck­land 8-9 Au­gust 2017, Welling­ton 18-19 Oc­to­ber 2017, Auck­land Presenter: Chris Peace Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Peo­ple Man­age­ment Skills for Tech­ni­cal Pro­fes­sion­als

1-2 June 2017, Auck­land 4-5 July 2017, Welling­ton 26-27 Septem­ber 2017, Welling­ton 18-19 Oc­to­ber 2017, Auck­land

Presenter: Keith McGre­gor Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Es­sen­tial Man­age­ment Skills for EAs, Se­nior PAs and Ad­min­is­tra­tion Pro­fes­sion­als

2-3 May 2017, Welling­ton 27-28 June 2017, Auck­land 1-2 Au­gust 2017, Welling­ton 25-26 Oc­to­ber 2017, Auck­land 21-22 Novem­ber 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Elaine McMeek­ing Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Mas­ter­class for EAs, PAs and Of­fice Man­agers

13-14 June 2017, Welling­ton 28-29 Au­gust 2017, Auck­land 7-8 Septem­ber 2017, Auck­land 26-27 Septem­ber 2017, Welling­ton

Presenter: Penny Holden Cost: $1,995+gst (2nd del­e­gate dis­counts avail­able)

Gov­er­nance Mas­ter­class for EA/PAs

6 April 2017, Welling­ton 22 Au­gust 2017, Auck­land Presenter: Ja­nine Smith Cost: $1,195+gst

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