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WHEN WEST AUCK­LAND mum Mau­reen Ad­dis was preg­nant and study­ing she found it in­creas­ingly hard to lean down and pick up ca­bles for her lap­top, printer and to charge her phone.

Frus­trated with messy ca­bles slip­ping off her desk, she came up with a so­lu­tion that she’s now mar­ket­ing to oth­ers want­ing to elim­i­nate ca­ble clut­ter from their lives.

“I asked my hus­band Scott, who has a cut­ting busi­ness, to help me de­sign a ca­ble holder I could at­tach to my desk. We fine-tuned it sev­eral times and then friends said, ‘You should sell those!”

To­day Mau­reen is sell­ing a range of de­signer Ca­ble Camel prod­ucts. Ca­ble Camel is made of firm EVA foam with self-ad­he­sive back­ing and has mul­ti­ple uses.

The prod­uct comes in dif­fer­ent lengths and hole sizes for vary­ing sized ca­bles and can be cut down to size, not only to help sort work­places but homes as well.

Mau­reen also de­signed Ca­ble Camel’s brand­ing and pack­ag­ing.

“I’m proud to have cre­ated a prod­uct that’s New Zealand made and patented,” she says. “We can de­liver across the coun­try and world­wide. For big­ger or­ders we can cus­tomise the prod­uct to clients’ re­quire­ments.”

The range starts from just $5.90 – and she’s de­ter­mined Ca­ble Camel will con­tinue to be made in New Zealand. “I love the fact that I’m now help­ing other ‘ OCD peo­ple’ like me who in­sist on tidy and or­gan­ised ar­eas!”

She says she is liv­ing proof that a stay-at-home mum can iden­tify a prob­lem, come up with a great so­lu­tion then mar­ket it on­line around the globe.


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