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FLY­FISH­ERS ACROSS THE GLOBE, from novices to vets, carry their luck in their flyboxes. One of the most valu­able and un­der-rated tools in a fly­fisher’s ar­se­nal, the fly­box, like most things in life that are close to the heart and use­ful, takes on dif­fer­ent colours, shapes, and is beau­ti­ful in ways oth­ers out­side our sport might not con­sider at­trac­tive at all. Af­ter all, what beauty is there in the drab bank safe when you con­sider the beauty that’s in­side.

Flyboxes that have housed flies of ev­ery kind for cen­turies have helped shape the vo­cab­u­lary of fly­fish­ing. It is the in­stinct, no com­pul­sion, of ev­ery an­gler to open a fly­box, con­stantly pon­der and fin­ger the mys­ter­ies within, and de­lib­er­ate at ex­treme lengths over which is the one to fool a fish on a given day. The con­tent of these con­tain­ers can soar into the hun­dreds of dol­lars and many an un­for­tu­nate caster, who has lost or mis­placed his favourite fly­box, will sink into deeper de­spair than should his/her spouse leave for another soul mate.

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