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If cook­ingki game i is th the f fore­play,l swal­low­ingll i i is th the or­gasm. – Guy de la Valdene Com­ing back to fa­mil­iar wa­ter courts the per­ils of all re­vis­i­ta­tion, among them a temp­ta­tion to nos­tal­gia and delu­sional ex­pec­ta­tions. – Ted Leeson Fly­fish­ers carry their luck on their dry­ing patches: the more flies are hung out to dry, the worse the fish­ing. There are wrin­kles to this, of course. A dozen dif­fer­ent nymphs says: they’re hit­ting some­thing un­der­wa­ter now and then, but I’m not sure what. A dozen dif­fer­ent dry flies says: they’re hit­ting some­thing on top now and then but I’m not sure what…and dozens of dif­fer­ent flies of ev­ery size, shape and colour says: they ain’t hit­ting a damned thing and I wish I’d taken up golf. – James R. Babb How ex­cit­ing the first cast into a breeze-rif­fled pool, when the un­wet­ted gut still lies in re­bel­lious and un­yield­ing cir­cles on the sur­face, and yet al­most at the same mo­ment the sound­ing reel gives no­tice that these cir­cles have been in­stan­ta­neously stretched into a straight and tight­ened line. – James Wil­son All the morn­ings in the world leave with­out re­turn­ing. – A French Say­ing You can trans­form a wet fly into a dry fly by rub­bing it briskly with a Turk­ish towel. – Ed Zern If, as I sus­pect, trout fish­ing is some­thing of a dis­ease, then it is also some­thing of a ther­apy in it­self. – Tom Sut­cliffe The plea­sures of fish­ing are not en­hanced by con­fin­ing no­tions of pro­pri­ety; that pass­ing along un­fet­tered wa­terst i is as i im­por­tantt tt to our sense off cul­tur­allt iden­tity now as it was to our pre­de­ces­sors two cen­turies ear­lier. – E. Don­nall Thomas Jr While much of New Zealand so­ci­ety has changed ir­re­versibly, well be­yond restora­tion and not al­ways for the bet­ter, it is vi­tal that some parts of our history con­tinue to be safe­guarded. One such el­e­ment is open ac­cess to our recre­ational re­source. With­out it, we show a marked dis­re­spect for tra­di­tion. Worse, we risk los­ing a more price­less com­mod­ity: a whole New Zealand way of life. – Bob South, Fish & Game New Zealand Many of the most highly pub­li­cised events of my pres­i­dency are not nearly as mem­o­rable or sig­nif­i­cant in my life as fish­ing with my daddy. – Jimmy Carter I con­tin­u­ally read of men who said they would be just as happy not catch­ing trout as catch­ing them. To me, that even then sounded pi­ous non­sense, and rather more of an ex­cuse than a state­ment of fact. No, I want to catch them, and ev­ery time I slip on my waders and put up a fly, it is with this in mind. – Brian Clarke Just as in cook­ing, there’s no such thing as a lit­tle gar­lic, in fish­ing there’s no such thing as a lit­tle drag. – H.G. Tap­ply Creeps and id­iots can­not con­ceal them­selves for long on a fish­ing trip. – John Gier­ach Some­times our love of a place, our ap­pre­ci­a­tion of it and our hu­man im­pulse to share that love and ap­pre­ci­a­tion, con­trib­utes to the ero­sion of what it is we most love about it. – Dan Ger­ber

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