Kaimoana song gets mes­sage across

NZ Fishing News - - Hiwi the Kiwi - Kana Phillips (7) Bulls School

Not too long ago we had a vis­i­tor, the Min­strel, for mahi tahi.

We learned about fishing. He told us we have to put the lit­tle fish back be­cause they have to grow.

You also have to put the mother ones back be­cause of her ba­bies.

We have to put a wet towel on the fish so you don’t kill them.

He also taught us about safety on a boat. One of the things is at all times wear a life­jacket.

He sang a song called ‘Kaimoana’ and it goes like this…

Kaimoana, food from the sea Kaimoana, to feed the fam­ily Fish for the fu­ture And there will al­ways be Kaimoana, food from the sea.

I liked that song. The min­strel had ac­tions for it, but I don’t re­mem­ber them.

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