Dec­o­rate gift boxes

In­stead of the usual pa­per and bows, dec­o­rate spe­cial presents with flo­ral flare.

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With just a bit of string, florist wire, and flow­ers and fo­liage from your gar­den, it’s easy to be­come a gift-wrap­ping guru extraordinaire. Check out these in­spi­ra­tional ideas to cre­ate exquisitely pre­sented gifts for all your fam­ily and friends.


Press flow­ers picked from the gar­den then use them to em­bel­lish gift tags. You can also cus­tomise note cards, en­velopes and sta­tionery. At­tach the gift tags with string for a rus­tic look, or use vel­vet rib­bon for a more ro­man­tic feel. Match the flower colour to the pa­per.


When us­ing fresh flow­ers to dec­o­rate gifts, use those that don't wilt quickly. Orchids, calla lilies, glad­i­oli, lisianthus, dahlia buds, strawflow­ers, Queen Anne's lace, Ver­bena bonar­ien­sis, sweet wil­liams and yar­row (when fully open) all last for at least a day out of water.


Make a 3D giftwrap. Draw a flower onto brown pa­per. Us­ing a craft knife, cut around the flower's out­line, leav­ing the base of the petals and leaves in­tact. Cut out the stem and cen­tre of flower and re­move. Glue the brown pa­per to white pa­per; lift out the petals and leaves.


Make a range of pa­per flow­ers to dis­play in­doors when fresh flow­ers are scarce. To make rose­buds (pic­tured), draw a spi­ral on a 10 x 10cm piece of pa­per or light­weight card, be­gin­ning in the mid­dle of the pa­per and spi­ralling out. Cut out the spi­ral. Start­ing from the out­side, be­gin rolling up the spi­ral, to form a flower shape. Glue, tape or sta­ple the end to keep the flower's shape. Make a range of colours, and hey presto, you have an ev­er­last­ing bou­quet!


Chal­lenge chil­dren to dec­o­rate their own walls us­ing coloured pa­per, card­board or felt sheets. Draw dif­fer­ent sized flo­ral shapes onto the pa­per us­ing a sten­cil, cut them out, then glue or tape the pieces to­gether. Use mask­ing tape to stick the fin­ished flow­ers to walls, but first stick the tape to your clothes so it col­lects the fi­bres. The fi­bres keep the tape from ru­in­ing your wall. Wa­ter­colour artists do this to keep their pa­per from curl­ing when paint­ing.

Make an in­stant ver­ti­cal flower gar­den by dec­o­rat­ing your walls with pa­per flow­ers. Pick your colours to match your dé­cor!

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