NZ Gardener - Garden Diary 2018 - - Snip & Clip -

Here’s reader Sue Rok­stad of Dar­gav­ille’s recipe to catch guava moths • 1 litre boil­ing wa­ter • cup sugar • 1 tea­spoon vanilla essence • 1 tea­spoon Vegemite or Mar­mite • 1 tea­spoon am­mo­nia (Handy Andy is fine). Mix to­gether to dis­solve the Vegemite and sugar, then cool. Sue says: ”This quan­tity is enough for 4 x 2L milk bot­tles. To make traps, cut a flap in plas­tic milk bot­tles’ open­ing at top and pushed in­ward. That al­lows moths to get in without let­ting the rain in. Hang the bot­tles in fruit trees with twine or wire. Re­fresh with more mix­ture as re­quired to keep it fresh. I use so­lar light traps, which have helped." Auck­land reader Al­lan Hark­ness tried Sue’s recipe: ”Hav­ing had our tan­gelo in­fested by guava moth, even though I hadn’t seen any, I tried this recipe. I was amazed at the hun­dreds of moths trapped as a re­sult. Where did they come from? The fight con­tin­ues, and I hope it’s do­ing some longer term good!”

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