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Green shield beetles, aka green vege bugs, are sap­suck­ing men­aces that drain the life and vi­tal­ity out of a wide range of plants. Deal to them as soon as you spot them, as they are fast breed­ers. Catch­ing them by hand is a good method of con­trol. Early in the morn­ing is a good time to hunt for them hid­ing un­der leaves. Hold a jar un­der the bugs and they’ll leap off the plant and fall into the jar. Crush beetles (wear gloves) and drop at the base of the plants. The stinky smell is a warn­ing to other beetles, which of­ten drop to the ground, where they can be stamped on or caught and crushed. An­other tac­tic is to grow sac­ri­fi­cial “catch crops” that at­tract the beetles away from edi­ble crops. Cleome and sun­flow­ers work well.

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