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If your gar­den prun­ings have left you with long, sturdy stems, use them to weave gar­den edg­ings or wreaths and sim­i­lar dec­o­ra­tions. To make an edg­ing, cut sev­eral lengths of thick stems into short ’stakes’. Weave thin­ner, longer and more pli­able stems around the stakes to form the edg­ing. Leave the bot­tom part of the stakes bare so they can be pushed into the ground. Use to edge paths or gar­den beds. Or shape your prun­ings into wreaths while the stems are still pli­able and store un­til Christmas-time for dec­o­rat­ing.

Use woody cut­tings, gar­den prun­ings and old stalks from sturdy plants or vines to make small, handy gar­den items.

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