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We feed na­tive birds in our back gar­den, and en­joy their vis­its im­mensely, but al­ways wondered why a few lit­tle wax-eyes would only come later af­ter the spar­rows and finches had their full.

When our 16-year-old grand­son came to stay, he set up a pho­to­graphic area on the deck. A sliced su­gared grape­fruit was his prop. I was sur­prised that in a very short time, about 10 wax-eyes ap­peared. Cameron had fun get­ting plenty of beau­ti­ful pho­to­graphs of these dar­ling birds, not to men­tion the en­joy­ment we have had watch­ing their in­ter­ac­tion with one another.

Af­ter two days, the grape­fruit was eaten com­pletely out, only the seeds were left in the shell of the fruit. A feed­ing shelf is now planned off the deck for our beau­ti­ful wax-eyes, where they will en­joy their spe­cial foods. Thanks to Cameron, a new di­men­sion has been added to our busy back gar­den. Karen Miles, WHITIANGA

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